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Fastest Way to Clear GOtv Error Code

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The fastest way to clear Gotv error code or get your decoder activated has been discovered and that is what we will be looking at today.

(Note: this article was written a few years back. Whether you find it useful or obsolete, please let me know. Your feedback will help me serve you better.)

In Summary, you will learn how to clear gotv error code using:

First of all, you have to know the kind of error code you want to clear.

There are two major types of error codes you will come across while using Gotv. They are the e16 error and the e45-32 error codes.

The e16 error code appears when your subscription has expired and the e48-32 error code appears when there is a bad signal either due to bad weather or a faulty connection.

Regular Ways of Clearing Error Codes

There are several ways of clearing error codes. Here a few you may want to try.

If the regular methods disappoint, check out the fastest way to get back online once you receive a payment notification.

The Fastest Way of Clearing Gotv Error Codes

The quickest method you could use when trying to get back online is making use of the Gotv Facebook page. You have probably tried that but it did not work out, right? Well, that is because this method also has limitations.

The Gotv Facebook page used here is for just one country. To find the Gotv Facebook page for all Gotv countries, please see the article on How to reach gotv customer care via Social Media.

They might not respond to queries 24 hours a day and weekends are not good too. But you can always try this option.

Clearing e32 or e48-32 Errors

The other kind of gotv error code you will find is the E32 or E48-32 error code. This shows up to notify you of a signal problem. If you find this error code on gotv, then you have to do some manual work to clear it. The e48-32 error code could also appear due to adverse weather conditions. Here’s how to fix it.

There are other ways of clearing E16 and E30 error codes on gotv. You can do this using the gotv SMS shortcode method. You can find the gotv SMS shortcode for your country below.

Clear Error Codes Using Gotv SMS Short Codes

The following will show you how to use shortcodes when clearing E16 and E30 error codes. The E16 error code indicates that you have been disconnected for not paying your subscription or upgrading your decoder before expiry. 

The E30 gotv error code indicates that you have probably been switched off or without a signal for too long. Both error codes can be cleared using SMS.

Gotv SMS Shortcodes by country

Those are the gotv SMS shortcodes for African countries. If your country is not listed above contact me or use the comments section to let us know. I will add your country to the list with the needed shortcode.

GOtv users who come across the E16 error code are mostly the ones who do not upgrade their bouquet before expiry.

To save yourself from reactivation requests, it is advisable to upgrade your bouquet before the previous subscription expires.

Nonetheless, there are instances where you still come across the E16 even after paying for your bouquet before expiry.

Conclusion: Getting your decoder reactivated as fast as 4 to 5 minutes is not a huge tech trick; it’s just a simple avenue a lot of us homeowners ignore. Probably because we do not have the time or just don’t think it will help us deal with an error code.

If you encounter any problem with your Gotv, please use the comment session.

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