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Where to Buy Dstv Remote Control

DStv explora remote
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It’s easier to buy a good DStv remote when you can locate an accredited Multichoice service outlet. When looking for a place to buy a Dstv remote, proximity is an important factor as you do not want to spend too much time and money on transportation.

To save your time and money, I will share with you a few ideas on how to locate the nearest DStv service outlets for the purchase of decoders, remotes and other DStv items.

2 simple ways to locate the nearest DStv remote seller

  1. Ask around. This may sound funny but it is a simple way to find a DStv dealer without spending any money. Besides, it’s easier to find your seller when you get directions from a human being instead of using some software.
  2. Use DStv’s Dealers’ Search Engine. Using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can use DStv’s search engine to find the closest DStv store. You can see the article on how to find the nearest Multichoice dealers in your neighbourhood.

Follow the instructions below or watch the video above to learn how to find a DStv store using DStv’s dealers’ search engine.

If you are reading this, chances are that you need a new Dstv remote or that you are still not sure if you should buy a new one.

If you are going to buy one, you will find the best places to purchase a high-quality Dstv remote using the ideas presented above.

But before you really go on to get a new remote you should try the following to see if your remote still has some useful life in it:

If you are still not sure how to go about the above see our article on what to do if your dstv remote is not working.

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