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Most Americans Still Have More Love for TVs than Computers

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“No way!” If you are yelling that at the top of the voice in your head, you are not alone. Most of the people who find this think the same way until research data passes them some humility.

Although you may think “the researchers are wrong this time,” it’s always hard to argue with evidence – research data. It didn’t matter what you wore or how much they cost you, when you appeared on TV, you only wear dresses made of just two colors.

In the ‘90s, when I was born, we had TVs but they could only display two colors – black and white.

In the developing country where I lived, the only gadgets you could use for news and other broadcasts were radios and televisions.

Many people could not afford handsets and even if they could, manufacturers were yet to be in the business of producing them to meet the user’s radio and TV needs.

Has TV Lost its Place?

TV sets appeared to have lost their in place the mind of consumers when smartphones came into the picture.

Actually, that’s what it looks like on the surface.

But the 2020 Media Comparisons Study carried out by GfK, in collaboration with TVB, shows that most American adults spend more time watching TV programs when compared to the time spent on social media, radio programs, and email.

Study shows that most American adults, 18+, spend at least 5 hours daily watching television.

News lovers appeared to be the ones driving up the numbers for TV. Many news lovers have decided to rely more on local TV news channels, following a recent increase in fake news accusations across social media platforms.

Why do adults spend so much time watching TV?

Even when sitting for too long to watch TV is not advisable by health professionals, people still ignore the warnings. Here are a few reasons so many of us still love TV.

This shows why television still remains a very effective – if not the most effective – advertising medium today.

It is yet to change and may not change in a long time: TV still has an enormous influence on consumers.

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