How to Pay DStv Subscription with POS In Ethiopia?

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One of the issues some of us will have with DStv is knowing how to pay DStv subscription as soon as we realize the current subscription is about to expire. Of course, no human wants to be cut off from the network as a service disruption could mean missing one or 2 episodes of that interesting TV Show.

For this reason, i am going to reveal how to pay DStv subscription for everyone and this time, i am  going to share with you how to pay DStv Subscription with POS in Ethiopia.

Lets see how to Pay DStv Subscription with POS In Ethiopia.

How to pay DStv subscription with POS In Ethiopia

In order to pay your monthly subscription for DStv Using a POS in Ethiopia, all you have to do is follow the simple steps below.

These steps are to enable you pay using POP (Point on Sale)

Steps to pay DStv Subscription With POS In Ethiopia

1. Locate the nearest Shoa Supermarket (Fetta Solution). This can be any branch within Ethipian cities

2. Walk to the cashier on duty and inform him or her you’d like to pay for DStv.

3. The cashier asks for Smart Card Number, payment amount as well as Mobile number etc. Ensure you present these accurately

4. Save the payment Confirmation or receipt issued for reference purposes.

Now you can go home and relax because you have successfully paid your DStv subscription using a POS.

This is surely one of the many short posts you will read on this blog today, but I am sure it has helped provide a solution to one of your immediate needs.

Do not forget we have written several other ways to pay dstv subscription in Nigeria using a smartphone.

Please feel free to share with others as this could be of help to them as well.

Reference: Dstv Ethiopia

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