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Latest Samsung Phones and Prices in Nigeria

latest samsung phones and prices in Nigeria - Note 10
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Today on, we want to take a good look at some of Samsung’s most popular and flashy devices released this 2020 and we’re not only reviewing these awesome beauties, we are making it possible for you to have an idea of what it costs to buy one as well. Little wonder the post is titled latest samsung phones and prices in Nigeria.

As we speak, samsung, Apple’s iPhone, Nexus and Huawei are currently known to be the pacesetters as far as Smartphones are concerned, however, s recent study has made it clear a large majority of phone users actually love samsung more than any other brand in the market today. In Nigeria for instance, while a few people prefer Infinix, Tecno and other small brands because they’re affordable and low budget devices, others would never use any device without “Samsung” inscription on it. This simply means in Nigeria, samsung is a favorite brand for a lot of people including the author. Lol

This is attributed to the amazing features and specifications that often come with them whereby their cameras and graphic quality cannot be left out of the picture.

So let’s have a glance at some of the latest Samsung phones, specifications and respective prices below

Latest Samsung Phone and Their Prices

Just in case you may be wondering why the device you had in mind wasn’t mentioned, Electronics Diary has only chosen Samsung products that are less than 8 months old and these are listed below!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price in Nigeria

Samsung S20 Ultra is one of the latest Samsung smartphones that comes with  mind blowing features. It was first released in February, 2020 and has received  a lot of demand especially in African Market. The device is loved for its powerful Camera, large battery and flashy looks

It belongs to one of the few phones with scratch and water resistance, having up to 12GB/16GB RAM and other features that would be shown below;

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Specifications

The price of Samsung galaxy S20 ultra in Nigeria is N530,000


Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Price in Nigeria


Here is another great product of the Samsung Galaxy phones. It has a lot of similarities with the samsung galaxy ultra.



But when you give it a closer look, you will notice the difference in their RAM capacity, camera quality, battery capacity and others.

Meanwhile, judging from these differences, you should expect the price of one to be higher than the other.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus specifications below.



The price of Samsung galaxy S20 plus in Nigeria is N410,000


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Price in Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was released March 8th 2019, its a device with a lot of fascinating features. Because of these features, it has always been a dream device for most Nigerians. Note 10 is popular among Nigeria’s Elites, celebrities and businessmen.

I bet you would love the specifications and features of this phone that we have highlighted below;

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Specs

The price of Samsung galaxy Note 10 in Nigeria is N320,000


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Price in Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy S10 is a great phone that you would love to always have with you because of some it’s irresistible features.

Just like the other Samsung phones that we have discussed earlier, this one is not lagging at all.

So check out of some of it’s specs and features below;

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Specs

The price of Samsung galaxy S10 plus in Nigeria is N330,000


Conclusion – Latest Samsung Phones and Prices in Nigeria

If you are a fan of Samsung phones and you are searching for a good one to buy, then you should consider getting the ones that we have discussed above.

These phones are recently launched and are all great additions to the Samsung family. I believe you must have realized that their features are mind blowing.

So ensure that you share this information with your family and friends online that also need the latest Samsung phones and prices in Nigeria today.

Don’t forget to use the comment section below. Let us know what you feel about these phones. Thanks

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