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5 Ways to Hide Your Child’s DNA from your Husband

5 Ways to Hide Your Child’s DNA from your Husband

5 Ways to Hide Your Child’s DNA from your Husband

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DNA paternity tests are now a trend, and almost everyone is demanding for one to confirm their paternity over their children This is why we are going to show you 5 Ways to Hide Your Child’s DNA from your Husband.

For some women, this might spell trouble, as DNA paternity tests mostly end up in divorce if the presumed father is confirmed not to be the real father.

While this might sound quite strange, it happens more often than you imagine. Who knows, your husband might be the next to ask for a DNA test.

For women unsure of the paternity of their children, they might be looking for ways to fake, or hide the DNA paternity test results completely from their husband. If this somehow describes you, then this article is all you need.

How to hide your child’s DNA from your husband

Lets proceed to discover several ways to hide a child’s DNA From the father or your husband today!

Talking him out of it

This is by far the best and most hassle-free way to hide your child’s paternity from your husband.

If your partner is contemplating a DNA test for your kids, you can suggest dropping the idea altogether. Taking this route, however, requires lots of patience and wisdom. Trying too hard will only make him doubt the more.

Being emotional helps a lot, and threatening him with a divorce is even better. Show him you’re not afraid of going for a DNA test, but express disappointment in the mistrust. Promising to file for a divorce might make a man rethink; if you’re a good woman, that is.

While this strategy should work for most people, your partner might be one of the stubborn ones. If that’s the case, you might want to try one of the other suggestions below.

Get a blood transfusion for the kids

This might sound creepy, but it works. Blood transfusion introduces some elements of foreign DNA to someone’s internal DNA. This scenario makes it increasingly harder to get conclusive results.

Well, you don’t have to get a blood transfusion to employ this method of DNA cheating. You can lie to your partner about the kid’s medical history, adding that he/she received blood transfusions at one time or the other in their lives.

You can then back that up by showing medical evidence of DNA altering due to blood transfusion.

However, this is only feasible when you have a single child. Also, having a busy husband who doesn’t follow up with the child’s medical history will make this easier to implement.

Not a single mother or your partner knows every single time your kid has been to the hospital? We still have some working strategies for you.

Switching test kits

DNA paternity tests mainly rely on oral swabs to collect DNA samples from the mouth of participants. These are then analyzed in the laboratory and compared to generate a test result.

A common way to twist this result in your favor is by changing the oral swabs used for collecting the DNA material.

While this might work, the chances of it working is negligible. Many things might go wrong if you attempt to change the oral swabs to alter the DNA test results.

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For example, if a woman changes the swabs to hers (which will return positive results as every mother is genetically related to their kids), a standard DNA test might catch this.

Many DNA tests are preceded with a test to prove the sex of the owners of the samples collected, and this can quickly render the test invalid, delaying the results.

Also, this method can only be used if you didn’t visit the hospital to take a test. It only works if you use the “Peace of Mind” testing method, which requires you to send the oral swabs in envelopes to the hospital.

The worst-case scenario happens if the partner detects the trick and finds out that he might not be the father of his kids anyway.


This technique might sound somehow, but it might work. is a website that generates fake DNA paternity test results for any circumstance. What’s even more unique about this website is that you can choose to have the test results directly mailed to your address.

You get oral cotton swabs as it is in the case of a genuine DNA test, and you can pretend to mail it to the laboratory after getting your partner’s samples.

The test results will be mailed to you in no time and will always go in your favor.

Again, this only works if you have decided to take the Peace of Mind testing protocol, which requires you to take the swab samples from the comfort of your home.

The DNA test results look exactly original and might even come with a security hologram sticker.

Collusion with a doctor

Colluding with a doctor to hide the authentic DNA test results might seem cinematic, but it can be possible in an actual sense.

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A child whose DNA doesn’t match that of the presumed father is a result of illegal collusion, so keeping this secretive might require another illegal collusion.

You can only attempt this if you have a personal relationship with the doctor in charge. It is the last resort and the riskiest of all the above strategies.


Conclusion 5 Ways to Hide Your Child’s DNA from your Husband

Hiding the authentic DNA of your kids is a very sensitive and seemingly impossible task, but nothing is really impossible. With the listed strategies above, you can easily hide your children’s DNA from your inquisitive partner.

While you may have learnt 5 Ways to Hide Your Child’s DNA from your Husband, i must warn that this article is not encouraging you to engage in any unlawful or extramarital activities, although some of the above-listed strategies might be illegal. We will not take responsibility for any domestic or legal consequences of those actions.

If you don’t mind some potential legal trouble, you can do a great job of keeping your innermost secrets secretive forever.


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