5 Most Powerful Apps To Track a Cheating Spouse

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Keeping a relationship working requires time, dedication, and faithfulness. It means a lot when you can give a lot for a relationship, and you deserve to get a similar dedication from your spouse.
It is always heartbreaking, therefore, when you learn that your spouse is cheating. While your spouse might already be building an extramarital relationship, it’s up to you to find out.
You can’t do this alone obviously, and some apps are willing to help make that task simple for you. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the 5 most powerful apps to track a cheating spouse.

Apps to track a cheating Spouse

In this section, we shall be looking at a few apps that could help you catch a cheating spouse. Please ensure you pay close attention as some of these apps built to help you catch that spouse were built to work only after you must have subscribed to a Premium package!


The name of the app already hints at its function, and it performs that really well. It is one of the most popular spying apps around, originally designed for parents who need to monitor the activity of their Children.

While mSpy is made to enable parents monitor their kids, it has also proved insanely useful for people who would like to monitor the activities of their spouse online.

With mSpy, you can view the videos and pictures your spouse is currently seeing, monitor their social media activities, and track their location in real-time; what else do you need to prove your spouse’ unfaithfulness?


mSpy is available for Android and iOS devices and works fine on both platforms. Some features need Jailbreaking on iOS to work, but these are not features you cannot do without.
With all its useful functionalities, it is apparent that mSpy isn’t a free app. mSpy has three different packages which you can choose from Basic, Premium, and Family.
If all you need to do is to track your girlfriend, you won’t need anything more than the Premium package, except, maybe you’re keeping multiple spouses yourself.

It would be hard describing 5 most powerful apps to track a cheating spouse without mentioning mSpy


Spyine is a well-received monitoring app with an emphasis on social media messaging. It is one of the best WhatsApp trackers available around, and it has several other features that make spying on your cheating spouses a breeze.

This app features a WhatsApp spy that lets you read any WhatsApp message sent from, or received to the target device. You can even view deleted messages and files, all thanks to Spyine’s intelligence.

You can also track the browser history of your spouse to see what websites they’re visiting, and often they’re browsing those websites. As is the case with WhatsApp messages, you can also view deleted browser history from the Spyine dashboard.

The Instagram spy lets you glance at their Instagram messages without their permission. The keylogger also lets you know what they’re typing at certain times, and it might be useful for cracking passwords to social accounts.

Spyine is available for both Android and iOS targets, and it installs a mini-sized app (around 2 megabytes) on the target’s device. This app gives you access to whatever information you want from the device.
Spyine, like mSpy, isn’t free, but it’s affordable, especially when the numerous features are considered. It has Premium, Basic, Family, and Business plans, starting at $16.66.
If you think your spouse is cultivating a separate relationship online, Spyine will prove that to you!


If for some reason you won’t use Spyine or mSpy, then you might want to try out SpyBubble. Apart from having a longer name, there isn’t anything it does better than the two aforementioned apps.
For one, the app is detectable, as the app icon shows up in the drawer. To use this app, you must either ensure that your spouse will never get to see it (hiding it somehow, maybe) or reaching a mutual agreement with your spouse, which is a lot less likely.

5 most powerful apps to catch cheating spouse


Also, using SpyBubble to track an iPhone requires jailbreaking, and some specific Android devices will require rooting. This isn’t what most people will be willing to do, and it gets complicated if you’re doing this on a device that isn’t yours.

If you can get to do all that’s required to do, however, you’ll have access to as much information as needed to track your spouse, as it offers call monitoring, GPS tracking, and SMS tracking, amongst others.

When compared to the previously mentioned apps, however, SpyBubble is just too expensive. It starts at $24.95, and you can’t even get maximum discretion?
Come on, SpyBubble.

The list for 5 most powerful apps to track a cheating spouse would never be comprehensive without adding Spybubble to it at all!


If you’re concerned about the lack of a Stealth mode for SpyBubble, TheTruthSpy can come in handy. It is much more discreet, and the app icon doesn’t show up to your spouse.
While TheTruthSpy is a compelling spying app, it also sports some dangerous features which you won’t want to consider using if your motive is to detect if she cheats.
An example of the unnecessary features is the ability to reset a target’s phone. Why would anyone want to do that?

You can also access your spouse’s SMS messages and call logs with the aid of his app. To make things a bit further, you track a target’s conversations in popular messaging platforms like Snapchat and WhatsApp.
What might move you to try this app is the fact that it was designed for people wanting to catch a cheating spouse. The pricing is similar to that of SpyBubble, but the price is more justifiable.


MobiStealth is on old roger that never dies when it comes to spying apps. It has been around for quite an age, and it continues to get better with time.
While they offer smartphone monitoring, they take things a little bit further with a computer monitoring tool, which allows you to track what your spouse is doing on their PC.
Also, you don’t need Jailbreaking or rooting to use MobiStealth, and this feature places it amongst the prominent apps you can use to spy on your spouse without their knowledge.

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Tracking a cheating spouse is imperative, to avoid stories that touch. It is of no use staying in a relationship with an unfaithful spouse.
However, it is wrong to break up with your spouse only on suspicions without reasonable evidence. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 5 most powerful apps to track a cheating spouse. These would help you discover if your partner is faithful or actually cheating on you.

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