Author: Jonathan Angie

Hi Everyone, My name is Angie, i love to watch my TV As it keeps me happy no matter what i go though daily. Most of all, the few things i learnt while working as a DStv Installer has helped me build Electronics Diary. Just Read and Apply for its certainly going to work

What to do if GOtv Remote is not Working

By Jonathan Angie

On electronics today, you will learn how to fix a faulty gotv remote. But it doesn’t just stop with a gotv remote. These skills can be used to fix any other similar remote, a TV remote for example. If your gotv remote is not responding, it does not necessarily mean it is dead or can’t…

TStv Finally Launched: Making The Most Out of it

By Jonathan Angie

Hello TV lovers! Having fun right? The fun won’t reduce and the price for your favourite TV channels are following suit. For three long months since TStv Africa announced herself with YouTube videos, TV lovers have been waiting anxiously for the official launch of TStv Africa.Well, it is the 1st of October and the wait…

5 of the Best Gadgets You Can Gift on Any Occasion

By Jonathan Angie

Featured Image Source: Birthday, graduation, anniversary or holiday, gifts have become big parts of all of these. Sure, you can always give something with emotional value, but let’s be honest, what can be a better than a cool gadget? Exactly, which is why you need to take a look at these 5 gadgets you…

What to Look for When Selecting a Surround Sound System

By Jonathan Angie

Did you hear that rasping sound? Hmm. There it is again! It sounds like it’s coming from the back. No, wait, the front! Now it’s behind again, now the right…it’s everywhere! And that is how you’ll feel with surround sound. True to its name, surround sound literally surrounds you with sound with 5.1 channels: Center…

How to Choose the Perfect Wireless Speakers for You

By Jonathan Angie

Photo by Tom Swinnen from Pexels Speakers are an integral part of a home, dorm room, office, or honestly, any place. Not just speakers though, wireless speakers. It’s 2017 and if you’re still opting for wired, then you’re falling behind. As such, it’s important to know which wireless speaker is best for you. To help…

Nokia Launches Nokia 8 Smartphone today!

By Jonathan Angie

Truth remains that before the advent of smartphones, Nokia was one of the most popular cell makers in the world. Infact, one could say Nokia sold more phones in the world before smartphones surfaced and kicked it off the pitch. Well, we shall be looking at another wonderful device by Nokia and this time, we…