Author: Jason BigPrick

Top 3 DStv Decoders for Nigerians 2021

By Jason BigPrick

The lengthy coronavirus pandemic has given way to an even lengthier lockdown, killing off live concerts and a host of other entertaining activities. In the heart of such a pandemic, owning a digital satellite television is priceless; both for entertainment and catching the latest news about the pandemic and this is why we shall be…

How to Pay DStv Subscription with POS In Ethiopia?

By Jason BigPrick

One of the issues some of us will have with DStv is knowing how to pay DStv subscription as soon as we realize the current subscription is about to expire. Of course, no human wants to be cut off from the network as a service disruption could mean missing one or 2 episodes of that…

Tutorial: How to Update Your NIN With NCC

By Jason BigPrick

Today we are looking at how to update your NIN as directed by NCC. We have in the past few days read news updates where Nigerian Telecom companies have been directed by the NCC to halt the sales and  registration of new sim cards till all registered ones have been completely synced with the database.…