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5 Most Powerful Apps To Track a Cheating Spouse

By Jonathan Angie

Keeping a relationship working requires time, dedication, and faithfulness. It means a lot when you can give a lot for a relationship, and you deserve to get a similar dedication from your spouse. It is always heartbreaking, therefore, when you learn that your spouse is cheating. While your spouse might already be building an extramarital…

10 Things You Can Do With An Old Smartphone

By Jonathan Angie

Most of us have old smartphones lying around and taking up space for no reason. Maybe you are about to purchase a new one and you’re wondering what you can do with the old device. Here are 10  things you can do with an old smartphone. There are a ton of things you can do…

Android Phones with The Largest Storage Spaces

By Jonathan Angie

Keeping up with changes in the tech industry can be difficult at times. And if you are looking to buy or learn about smartphones, you’ll want to know the top Android phones with the largest storage spaces in 2021. Having a smartphone with big enough storage is not just a luxury these days. Smartphones do…

Samsung Galaxy S21 Lands in South Africa

By Jonathan Angie

Samsung Galaxy S21 Will Soon Land In South Africa But A key Item will Be Missing It doesn’t look like smartphone giants, Samsung Mobile, is letting up on disturbing the smartphone world with new products. It’s been announced that Samsung will be releasing a new smartphone in South Africa at the end of January 2021.…

Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra specifications

By Jonathan Angie

Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra specifications Samsung’s latest range of Galaxy Smartphones have hit the market. Here are the specifications and the pricing for the Samsung Galaxy s21 set of smartphones. A lot of gamers and selfie-lovers will be looking out for this. What you will hear most times is just the term…

5 Ways to Hide Your Child’s DNA from your Husband

By Jonathan Angie

DNA paternity tests are now a trend, and almost everyone is demanding for one to confirm their paternity over their children This is why we are going to show you 5 Ways to Hide Your Child’s DNA from your Husband. For some women, this might spell trouble, as DNA paternity tests mostly end up in…

Tutorial: How to Update Your NIN With NCC

By Jason BigPrick

Today we are looking at how to update your NIN as directed by NCC. We have in the past few days read news updates where Nigerian Telecom companies have been directed by the NCC to halt the sales and  registration of new sim cards till all registered ones have been completely synced with the database.…

How to Encrypt iPhone in 2021

By Jonathan Angie

The ability to encrypt an iPhone in 2021 is going to be a key way of securing your privacy and in order to do this, there are a lot of things you must bear in mind as highlighted in this article