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How your TV, Smartphone and Game Console is Killing you Slowly

By Jonathan Angie

The industrial revolution has been a blessing, but technological devices are also killing a good number of people yearly. According to reports from the UK, published by the British Medical Journal, spending too much time sitting or lounging around contributes to the death of about 50,000 people yearly. And today, the main cause of this…

3 Latest Gadgets that are Changing The World

By Jonathan Angie

Our world is changing at an incredible rate thanks to the new frontiers of technology. New innovations and gadgets are flung before us almost every second.  From robots that can pretty much do anything, to virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence, technology is increasing at whip-lash inducing speed.  In this modern era, every tech company is…

How Light Bulbs Work

By Jonathan Angie

Light bulbs have been of great importance to the human environment. A world without light bulbs would be terrible. However, Light bulbs may not seem so fascinating to the 21st-century kid because everyone is getting used to seeing amazing inventions. Nonetheless, the light bulb will always stand out as one of the greatest products in…