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My name is Ekemini RobertOpens in a new tab., owner of Electronics DiaryOpens in a new tab.. The real reason I started this newsletter is to see people like you make good money with your blog.

About 5 years ago I started creating blogs online with no idea how they worked or how I could really make money from them.

Not until sometime in 2018 when I decided to get serious about blogging. I read a lot of articles online about how to succeed as a blogger from other successful bloggers but I still couldn’t do it.

I think most of them left the real messages in their paid newsletters and ebooks.

Things began to change when I found Michelle Schroeder, owner of, last year. Not in person, though, I was following her blog. She didn’t show me everything though but I learnt a lot from her.

The things I learnt helped me apply necessary changes to my blogging business and I started getting results.

No doubt I had done a lot of work already but I’m just happy she was able to be transparent about what she shared for free and what she sold. Not deceiving people with free trash and leaving the real things in the paid products as most blogger do.

Other bloggers like Melyssa Griffin also helped with free lessons and articles.

These bloggers and other YouTube professionals have inspired me to share my discoveries and successes and to start this newsletter to help people like you achieve success.

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For now, if you have not done so already, read how I made N100,000 from my Blog during the total lockdown in April.

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