How I made over N100,000 Online during the total lockdown in April

making money from my blog
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Here is a detailed account of how I made over 100K from the comfort of my home during the total lockdown in April.

Hi, my name Ekemini Robert, creator of Electronics DiaryOpens in a new tab.. I know most of you will be wondering why I’m writing about this. But don’t worry. I’m still the tech research and pay-TV blogger you used to know.

I have been blogging for a while now and I think it would be great to share with other bloggers and would-be bloggers how I made money during the lockdown.

Hopefully, it will help someone out there make some money in these trying times.

Whether you are a blogger or have been thinking about blogging, I will share with you how I made money in April. Hopefully, this will help you understand how you can also make money online.

It’s kind of funny that while some were busy getting fired during the lockdown, others were increasing their income from the comfort of a Sofa at home.

There is no reason anyone in the world should not make money online out of what they know. It’s just that most people don’t know how to do it or should I say, how to sell themselves.

And having been in the blogosphere for a while now, I want to help other people find success online.

But in this article, I will only be focusing on how I made over 100,000 in April. Subsequently, I will share more articles on how to succeed online as a blogger.

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To succeed, there are many things you need to learn and I will be sharing more of this on a dedicated section from now on.

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What you find most times online is how to maintain success and not really how to achieve it. I’m here to help you learn both but my primary focus will be on the latter – how to achieve success.

Enough of that now let’s travel back to April.

March 2020: The world is taken by storm

Football matches, businesses, schools, markets, all suffered from the unexpected Coronavirus hit.

All the very important…has to happen, like, right now! meetings became unimportant. Everyone was asked to stay at home and businesses were told to stop operations.

But as always, even in the midst of all these, many were still making money online.

Some businesses made more money during the preliminary stages of the outbreak then they have done at any other time in their history.

Video conferencing platform, Zoom, for instance, reported a 169% increase in profit and the pandemic, no doubt, played a significant role.

You too can make money online from a blog. Here is how I made money during the lockdown.

How the money came

My income came from two major sources: Sponsorships and Contextual Ads. You may be wondering how I managed to secure a sponsorship deal when most businesses were close.

Stick around and I will tell you how it all happened.

When I saw how difficult it was for business owners to survive during the total lockdown, I realised that having a platform onlineOpens in a new tab. was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

This is why I believe this is the best time for you to put yourself and your business online. Stop postponing it because you are passing up opportunities every day without knowing.

It doesn’t have to be a blog like this one, it could be a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, an Instagram account for your business, or a good website your customers can interact with.

Many businesses had no way of reaching out to their customers to let them know the status of operations during the total lockdown.

Even when some businesses reopened there was no way of contacting their customers let alone inform them of their new way of operations. This, I think, is bad for any modern-day business.

Getting your business online is cheap now. You can easily setup a website and connect a free messaging or video conferencing service if you want.

If you need help putting yourself or your business online, contact meOpens in a new tab..


The Sponsorship

Surprisingly, while businesses were shutting down, my blog’s monthly traffic volume was increasing and an Asian company noticed it.

We started negotiations from the last week of March and finally reached an agreement on the first week of April. Believe me, I wasn’t expecting sponsorships any time soon. But thank God it happened!

We agreed on ad slots and campaign duration. I signed the contract agreement online and started the promotion.

The deal was worth $225.00 which equalled 83,000+ at the time in local currency. It’s more than that now since local currency depreciated against the dollar. No better time to get paid, my friend!

That was the first part.

Google AdSense

The second big part of my earning came from Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a well-know contextual ads platform. I signed up for AdSense in 2018 and fortunately for me, I had accumulated enough to trigger withdrawals. So I cashed out and got paid on the 22nd of April.

AdSense paid me $143.23 which equalled 53,000+ in local currency. So from just two sources, I was able to make a total of 133,000+ Naira during the total lockdown.

Google paid it directly into my savings account with First Bank (as always) but the Asian company only agreed to pay via PayPal. I received the funds and withdrew it to my account.

This sounds too good to be true

If you are new to blogging or yet to make tangible income from your blog even $350 per month may seem like big money. I’ve been there.

You may be skeptical about blogging if you have not started and there is nothing wrong with having doubts about a market you have not tested.

That is why I started this series. I’m offering you an opportunity to learn about blogging for free. I’ll be giving you free access to the information I never had when I started.

I feel there are a lot of people out there who have a lot to share with the world but just can’t do it simply because they are scared of starting a blog.

Now I’m telling you as someone who has been in the business for over 5 years. Blogging works! All you need is a guide.

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The Platform

The center of attraction here was my website. I have been online for many years now but I only started taking blogging seriously sometime in 2018.

I had a lot to learn and many times I almost quit; not because blogging was the most difficult thing to do but because I didn’t know how to go about it.

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I will be sharing everything from setting up a good website on WordPress, even Blogger – for some of us who are still using Blogger – to the things you need to know and put in place to succeed and make good money online as a Blogger.

I will also be responding to emails and comments. I want to see you succeed online.

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Let’s make some money!

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