DStv Mobile Streaming Service For Nigerians

dstv mobile streaming service for nigerians

If you’re a Nigerian, you’ll agree with the fact that just recently launched the DStv Mobile Streaming service for Nigerians where subscribers are able to watch their favorite tv channels using the DStv mobile App. The sweet thing about the launch is that there won’t be need for decoders, that wire issues and the stress of trying to focus the antenna at the right angle won’t e there.

DStv Mobile Streaming Compatible Devices

In this section, Electronicsdiary.com would love to mention that DStv subscribers would be able to stream their favorite tv channels on smartphones, Gaming Consoles, Smart Tv, Tablets, iPads, etc. Remember that DStv Mobile Streaming service for Nigerians  is currently available for Nigerians

Best Network Connection for DStv Mobile Streaming

It is highly recommended that devices used for stream be connected to high speed internet services which means Wi-Fi, MiFi and LAN would be recommended in order to be able to stream your favorite DStv channels seamlessly.

Impact of DStv Mobile streaming streaming service on Regular Decoders and Cable Connections.

As it stands, DStv Mobile Streaming service for Nigerians means the era of decoders and long wires and dishes is fast fading out since all that is required to enjoy premium packages and exclusive and favorite TV Shows would be just a smartphone which could be cast to your favorite Tv sets to enjoy the action through a screen castling technology which is usually available on recent smart Tv sets.

DStv Packages Available for Mobile Streaming

As a new subscriber, you are able to opt for DStv Premium, Compact +, EasyView, Access and Family Packages.

Another exciting thing about DStv Mobile streaming service is that you can link up to 4 different devices to the same subscription.

Wait! This means i could actually buy the package, connect my wife’s phone, my son and Daughter and they could watch their favorite tv channels without fighting me for the Remote Control isn’t it?.


Well, we have discussed all aspect of DStv Mobile Streaming service for Nigerians which allows Subscribers watch and enjoy their favorite Tv programs on their mobile phone without decoders, cables and whatever stress that comes with these

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