Does GoTV Show the Champions League?

Pshaw! We all know DStv as the fan’s favorite for watching all of UEFA Champions League games. But not everyone can consistently be on or renew the ₦19,800 or ₦29,500 subscription package to not miss a night of Champions League football.

GOtv appears to be a cheaper alternative. But does GOtv show the Champions Leagues? That is one question football lovers who are looking forward to getting a GOtv decoder usually ask.

And if you are too, well, this article will provide a detailed answer to your burning question. So read on!

Does GoTV Show the Champions League?

Let me give it to you straight: YES, GOtv will show the Champions League live matches, but not all of them.

The reason is being there are not many channels that air the UEFA Champions League game, other than the Supersport Select 2 channel.

GOtv will randomly select the games it can show on this channel, which can be annoying if your team were to play and not be shown.

Therefore, there are limitations to the amount of Champions League games you can watch on GOtv.

Not to add to the problem, GoTV Max and GoTV Supa packages are the ONLY plans with Supersport Select 2 channel. So if you want to watch live Champions League games on GOtv, you should be on either of these subscriptions.

How To Check If GoTV Supersport Select 2 Will Show A Champions League Match

Since GOtv selects random matches, you will always be uncertain of which fixture will go live. This gets your hopes up that they might end up showing the game you are so desperate to watch or puts you in the valley of disappointment –it can go either ways.

Lucky for you, there is a simple, not-so-popular trick you can use to know beforehand which Champions League match GOtv will broadcast on Supersport Select 2 (Channel 32).

I’d let you in on my little secret:

Champions League match days are usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays, right? Now, all you need to do before the game, is to visit the official Supersport website and search for “Supersport Select 2 schedule for the day.”

There, you will get all the intels whether or not there is a Champions League match and the particular fixture they will broadcast on GoTV.

No need for second-guessing. You can ALWAYS tell the exact Champions League match coming up live on your GOtv, and decide if it is worth watching.

Which GoTV Channel Shows The Champions League?

As said before, the GOtv channel responsible for airing Champions League live matches is Supersport 2 (Channel 32).

You just have to tune in to Channel 32 to catch all the Champions League action schedules for that day on your GOtv Max and GOtv Supa subscriptions.

Does GoTV Show The Premier League?

If GOtv can air The UEFA Champions League games, don’t you think it will also have room for showing Premier League matches?

Of course, you get the chance to watch some of your favorite Premier League games on Supersport Select 2 (Channel 32) too.

But one thing you should be aware of is that GOtv also has limited EPL coverage. Not all Premier League matches would be broadcast, only selected matches are.

Does GoTV Show La Liga?

If you are very big on La Liga games, GOtv also has you covered.

As long as you are on an active GoTV Max subscription, you will continue to have access to almost all the La Liga live matches on SuperSport Select 4.

However, this Spanish club football league is limited on GOtv, just like The Premier and UEFA Champions League.

 I Missed A Match! Can I Watch It Again?

Yes, you can relive past matches and their highlights on specific occasions on GOtv, especially on weekdays on sports channels.

But if you are hoping to rewind and fast forward a TV programmer or a recently aired match, I’m afraid GOtv does not have that Catch-Up feature.


What Can I Do If The Channel Isn’t Showing The Football Match?

There is only so much you can do. First, you want to restart the decoder, ensuring all connectivity is in order.

If it is a service problem, you would have to be patient. The only proactive thing you can do is twist the antenna in another direction to catch signals.

Anything more than that, it is better to seek further troubleshooting assistance from the GOtv customer support.


The point is: GOtv does show the Champions League matches —just not all of them.

To get a GOtv is to sacrifice some games —even in the quarter and semi-finals.

It is why most people would rather go for a DStv decoder, even if it means spending that extra bit of cash —at least you wouldn’t be missing out on a damn thing in the tournament.

But if you can only afford GOtv, you will have to make do with what you get.

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