How much is DSTV Explora

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Tell me of a better decoder than the DStv Explora.


The DStv Explora has changed the way people watch TV.

And there are so many reasons you would want to get one –from recording, pausing, and rewinding live TV to unlimited gateway to the latest cinema movies from BoxOffice right on your couch.

But with SO many benefits and features, the DStv Explora won’t come as cheap as you would expected.

So, how much is a DStv Explora?

DStv Explora can cost up to ₦155,000 if it includes a Smart LNB. Otherwise, it isn’t up to that amount.

How Much Is Dstv Explora?

As I said, The DStv Explora costs about ₦155,000. But purchasing it from Jumia or Konga could be cheaper. The price could differ depending on your location, the retailer, and the exchange rate fluctuation.

But after you might have gotten DSTV decoders, the next step is to pick a plan.

DSTV has about six subscription packages that cater to different needs and calibers of people.

We won’t delve into what each of these monthly plans offer.

However, we will only list them with their price tags because we have covered that in the DStv packages and their prices in the Nigeria article.

So go check that out.

Below are the six DSTV packages and their worth:


  1. DSTV Padi —N2,500 per month
  2. DSTV Yanga —N3,500 per month
  3. DSTV Confam —N6,200 per month
  4. DSTV Compact —N10,500 per month
  5. DSTV Compact Plus —- N16,600 per month
  6. DSTV Premium —N24,500 per month


NOTE: The harsh truth about DSTV Subs is that there are HUGE caps between each package. And the higher the money spent, the more channels and features you have.

Features Of The Dstv Explora

There is a reason why DSTV is the most sought-after satellite television service provider in Nigeria, even though the Installation is more complex and they charge higher.

That is because of what DSTV offers. It is immeasurable to GOtv, StarTimes, MultiTV, or Trend TV.

What you don’t know is that most decoder manufacturers partnered with DSTV to get their channels.


So, what set them aside from the rest?


  1. Pause And Rewind Live TV: This is one of DSTV’s most intriguing features, giving you the power to pause or take back a movie or live TV so you don’t miss the fun.
  2. Record TV shows: You can record up to 220 hours of your favorite shows whenever they are aired and rewatch them at your most convenient time.
  3. Catch Up: The Explora is the gateway to DStv Catch Up, a high-demand library of TV shows and movies that you once missed and then played again.
  4. BoxOffice: This is interesting, as you can rent/hire new movies from BoxOffice from your DStv decoder. This converts your home into a cinema –showing the latest movies on arrival.
  5. XtraView: The DStv Explora also supports multiple views –suitable for homes with more than one TV, as everyone can watch their favorite channels.
  6. HD and 4K: From HD and 4K resolution, The DStv Explora allows you to enjoy the best possible picture quality.
  7. Dolby Atmos: The Dolby Atmos is a premium feature that provides an immersive audio experience.
  8. Streaming apps: The DStv Explora has incorporated not only one but multiple built-in streaming apps, such as Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and even Netflix. Thus giving you ample opportunities to stream content without switching to a different device.


Controlling Problems New DSTV Owners Always Encounter

1. How To Record A TV Show On Their Dstv Explora

With a simple press of the “record” button on the remote control, your TV starts recording.

Start by pressing the “OK” button on the program you want to record. You will see the recording options if that program permits it.

You can also schedule a recording in advance.

2. How To  Pause, Fast Forward, And Rewind Live TV

You can Pause Live TV for up to 2 hours, Fast Forward, Rewind, Instant Replay, and Slow Motion, all in DSTV Explora.

Press the “pause/play” button on the remote control to pause live shows.

However, if you want to fast forward but slowly, press FF once. To go faster, press it up to three times.


So, what do you look for when buying a DSTV Explora?

Pshhh! There isn’t much, if I’m being honest –if not, prioritizing your needs over wants and sticking to your budget. And, of course, buying your DSTV Explora from a reputable retailer.

It would be best if you bought from an authorized dealer or straight out of any DSTV outlet to get a genuine product protected by a warranty.

If you should get any DSTV decoder, it is either the Explora 2 or the Explora Ultra. The  Ultra is a much newer model with additional features, although it will cost you more.

Both are good choices; hence, your budget can afford the Explora 2.

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