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How to Know the Right Type of Audio Cables to Buy for your Sound Project

By Jonathan Angie

(Featured Image by Image by Marvin Ahlers from Pixabay.) DISCLOSURE: This article is made possible by CableTech MEA – Professional supplier of high-quality equipment for broadcast, audio, and video industries. You have stepped out to purchase a new audio cable but still confused about what should be the right cable for your high-ended system. You are not a…

Sound Bars Can Be Expensive. Why Should You Buy One?

By Jonathan Angie

Featured Image Source: A good quality sound bar can cost as much as a television, but in doing so it produces wonderful audio that surpasses anything produced by a TV. Whether you’re watching your favorite movie, the big game, or footage from a concert you went to in your younger days, a good sound…

The Streaming Effect – Music Consumption Is at an All Time High

By Jonathan Angie

Featured photo: Ahh, music, is there something better? Can something top finally listening to a long-awaited album from your favorite artist? You’ve waited months, sometimes even years (I’m looking at you, Eminem), and it’s finally time to get your musical fix. Whatever your routine — maybe you go on a long drive, maybe you…

What to Look for When Selecting a Surround Sound System

By Jonathan Angie

Did you hear that rasping sound? Hmm. There it is again! It sounds like it’s coming from the back. No, wait, the front! Now it’s behind again, now the right…it’s everywhere! And that is how you’ll feel with surround sound. True to its name, surround sound literally surrounds you with sound with 5.1 channels: Center…

How to Choose the Perfect Wireless Speakers for You

By Jonathan Angie

Photo by Tom Swinnen from Pexels Speakers are an integral part of a home, dorm room, office, or honestly, any place. Not just speakers though, wireless speakers. It’s 2017 and if you’re still opting for wired, then you’re falling behind. As such, it’s important to know which wireless speaker is best for you. To help…

10 Best Sources for High-Res Audio Files

By Jonathan Angie

Searching for the best sources of high-res audio files? Here’s your lineup. But before we get started, here’s what you need to know about the difference these advanced audio files make to your ears. High-res audio is basically music recorded and stored in such a way that the resolution and audio quality isn’t diminished as…