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Salvation TV: Frequency, Pricing, and Live Stream Channels

By Jonathan Angie

A television set is not just meant for entertainment and news. Television can be – and in fact, is – a tool for tremendous impact and change. Television has transformed destinies. One glance at the information that has eluded you for many years can change your life forever. David Ibeyeomie and the fantastic Salvation TV…

Most Americans Still Have More Love for TVs than Computers

By Jonathan Angie

“No way!” If you are yelling that at the top of the voice in your head, you are not alone. Most of the people who find this think the same way until research data passes them some humility. Although you may think “the researchers are wrong this time,” it’s always hard to argue with evidence…

How your TV, Smartphone and Game Console is Killing you Slowly

By Jonathan Angie

The industrial revolution has been a blessing, but technological devices are also killing a good number of people yearly. According to reports from the UK, published by the British Medical Journal, spending too much time sitting or lounging around contributes to the death of about 50,000 people yearly. And today, the main cause of this…