How your TV, Smartphone and Game Console is Killing you Slowly

Watching TV with remote and smartphone

The industrial revolution has been a blessing, but technological devices are also killing a good number of people yearly.

According to reports from the UK, published by the British Medical Journal, spending too much time sitting or lounging around contributes to the death of about 50,000 people yearly.

And today, the main cause of this is our tech gadgets.

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What we achieve every day with the help of technologyOpens in a new tab. is undeniably awesome. But truth be told, compared to how much work we do in promoting these tech devices, little has been done to communicate the dangers our tech gadgets pose.

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Effects on Health

From the Health Survey for England 2012 on sedentary behaviour, the results showed that 30% of adults in England spent at least six hours/day sedentary on weekdays, a figure that increased to 37% of adults on weekends.

Numerous studies confirm that spending many hours of the day sitting increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and even death. So your most precious computers and smartphones may be killing you slowly and silently.

Yet how many hours do we spend sitting down to watch a movie or football match? In soccer, a match lasts for about two hours and if you watch two at a stretch, that’s four hours.

Effects on the Brain

According to research carried out on 500,000 Britons, the results confirmed that driving for two hours or more on a daily basis has an adverse effect on your IQ.

The premier league lives in England and just like driving, a football match can keep your brain dormant for two hours too, creating the same effect of driving.

The only good thing about English football is that it does not happen daily. But it is advisable to watch soccer beyond the surface and try to go a little tactical during the match. This kind of activity exercises your brain and keeps it alive.

A QUT led research also shows that currently, one in eight men and one in five women are losing sleep due to the amount of time spent on their mobile devicesOpens in a new tab.. And sleep is a necessity for the repair of worn-out tissue and a good immune system.

ignoring partner for smartphoneOpens in a new tab.
So many times partners are ignored for TVs and smartphones. And issues now take longer to be resolved because the smartphone is keeping them company.

Mobile devices, TV and game consoles are increasingly being used as a getaway from the issues of life. So instead of taking a walk, riding a bicycle, playing soccer or tennis, most people nowadays will pick up their smartphones, a TV remote or put on the game console.

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We Need to Exercise

Doctors say that exercising once a week is not enough to make up for the 6 days of sitting at the office. If this is added to sitting at the home and on weekends because smart devices have put shock collars on people’s necks then we have a real problem.

The older ones have a real problem now. Young people struggle with addictions. But most of them can easily go out and play with friends.

Man and woman exercisingOpens in a new tab.
Keeping fit at dawn

The bigger problem lies with older adults. Contrary to what many believe, addiction to mobile phones may even be worse in older adults than in young people. And issues like these only get worse in developing countries.

The solution is really simple but difficult to take. Our devices our causing us health problems, but most times all we need is simply the ability to make the decision to rest, and exercise properly.

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