Smartphone Microscope: Simple Add-on Clip Turns Your Smartphone Into a Microscope

Another sensational piece of tech has been developed by Australian researchers. It’s an add-on clip that automatically turns your smartphone into some readily available and extremely mobile microscope.

Many people dwell too much on the fact that the smartphone has numerous side effects. The smartphone emits way too much blue-light which affects the circadian cycleOpens in a new tab., transfers disease-causing bacteriaOpens in a new tab., and could also be harmful to kidsOpens in a new tab..

While all of these may be true, the smartphone keeps making life easier by helping us do work quicker and easier.

Smartphone microscope add-on clip

Now with a simple add-on clip, students, teachers, scientists, and curious individuals can view the microstructure of any object anywhere, anytime.

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The handheld ‘smartphone microscope’ can be used to view objects as small as 0.0005 of one millimetre, says the Scientific Report.

According to Dr. Orth, CNBP research fellow, the new mobile phone microscope makes use of a smartphone’s built-in lighting. Other smartphone microscopes made use of their own lighting – instead of making use of the smartphone’s lighting. This made those microscopes bulkier, more difficult to assemble and wasted more energy.

Some smartphone flashlights are more powerful than others. This may also mean that the ones with better flashlights will give greater and more effective illumination.

The add-on clip will be very useful for teachers and students in developing countries.

The 3D printing files are also made publicly available by the researchers. So you can get it, make your own add-on clip and use it on your smartphone.

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