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How to Make Calls from Windows 10 Using an Android Phone

By Jonathan Angie

In today’s concise guide, you will learn how to make calls from Windows 10 using an Android Phone. Windows analyzers got the functionality last October, however, now everybody is getting it. Giving people the capacity to make phone calls with their Android handset. Getting your phone to accept a call while you are dealing with…

Facebook 360 Photo Feature – Learn How to Use it

By Jonathan Angie

Today on Electronics Diary, we shall be taking you through the process involved in using facebook 360 photo feature. I just hope you’ll find some 5 minutes to read through as i believe this would help you get more engagements on your facebook world. Mark Zuckerberg and his team of developers are actually doing a…

3 Latest Gadgets that are Changing The World

By Jonathan Angie

Our world is changing at an incredible rate thanks to the new frontiers of technology. New innovations and gadgets are flung before us almost every second.  From robots that can pretty much do anything, to virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence, technology is increasing at whip-lash inducing speed.  In this modern era, every tech company is…