How to Reset Your DStv Remote

DStv Remote Reset

Resetting a DStv remote is quite easy. All you need to do is to follow the steps as presented and in no time you will be done with the reset.

Before doing anything, you have to know that as small as a DStv remoteOpens in a new tab. may look, it can be affected by a lot of things which we will discuss after showing you how to reset or reprogram your remote.

Things to put in place

There are a few things you need to check before resetting your remote otherwise the reset may not even work.

  • Find out the kind of remote you are using. If you apply a reset or reprogramming to the wrong remote model, you may end up programming your remote wrongly.
  • To check your DStv remote model, look at the label on the back of the DStv remote and you will find its model.
  • Just to fulfill all righteousness, make sure there is no object blocking the imaginary link between the decoder and the remote.
  • Make sure the remote battery is still strong enough.

There other common issues that may affect a DStv remote but right now all we want to do is reset it. To see other remote control issues and how to solve them, please read how to repair a DStv remoteOpens in a new tab..

Resetting a DStv remote

Because DStv remotes come in models for different kinds of decoders, each procedure will be assigned to a specific remote.

So, check the label on the back of your remote and apply the correct procedure as shown below to reset it.

Let’s begin.

How to Reset a DStv Explora Remote (model A7)

  1. Press STANDBY + OPTION for more than 3 seconds. (LED gives 2 short red blink)
  2. Press 9 (1 short red blink)
  3. Press 8 (1 short red blink)
  4. Press 1 (2 short red blinks)
  5. Then press OK for more than 3 seconds. (You will get four red blinks)

That’s it! Your explora A7 remote reset is complete.

How to Reset a DStv Explora Remote (model A6)

  1. Press and hold ARC + STANDBY buttons for 3 seconds (LED colours will change to Amber)
  2. Now release the Standby button while the ARC is still pressed down.
  3. While still pressing down ARC, enter 9949 (You will get three green blinks)
  4. Release the ARC button

Done! If you followed the steps and got the corresponding LED colours, your reset is complete.

How to Reset a DStv PVR Remote

  1. Press and hold SHIFT button until you get three blinks from mode window
  2. Enter 977. (You will get three blinks from the mode window)

At this point you PVR remote reset is complete.

More resets and reprogramming instructions will be added. For now, if you have any questions or comments please drop them below. Let us know how you are doing.

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    1. Hi, Azwindini. Please check Dish Portal for that information. They have an article that will show you how to reset a DStv model B5 remote.

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