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signal messaging app
Because of the recent Privacy change, everyone is suddenly running off to Signal messaging app and giving Whatsapp the long hiss! But let’s really see a few interesting things about this “Signal messaging app”

Who Owns Signal Messaging App?

Signal was developed in 2018 by Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC. These are non profit organizations run by Moxie Marlinspike and Brian Action who as we know used to be the former owner of WhatsApp.
It therefore means that signal originated from California, United States of America.

What’s the Difference Between Signal and WhatsApp?

Well, the truth is WhatsApp has dropped from being world’s number 1 social networking platform to being number 8 on the list and the list if currently topped by apps like Telegram, Signal.  This because of the recent privacy policy change which makes it clear user data such as performance data, Advertising preferences and data, location data and payment information would be collected and stored for a future use
People feel WhatsApp’s recent move is rather too demanding and thus, the need to migrate to a safer platform where they won’t have to share sensitive data as mentioned above and this is what Signal has to offer.

What Do I Need to Register on Signal Messaging App?.

I just downloaded and registered a signal account less than 3 hours ago, was only asked for my phone number, Name and nothing more.

Does it mean Signal Messaging App won’t Harvest User Data?

Well, so far so good, signal is quite new, but one thing is for sure, the very moment it’s gained a lot of acceptance among its users, it’s going to start collecting user data and might even crawl into some analytica data issues just like Facebook did a few years ago

How can I Download Signal Messaging App?

It’s quite simple. Signal is available to both apple and Android users and you can download it just by searching for it on Google play store or App Store.

Can i Make Video Calls On Signal Messaging App?

Signal does just everything WhatsApp does. I tried the video call feature a while back, it’s just perfect and I must remind you…
Elon Musk made a tweet urging his followers to Install Signal. If signal wasn’t worth it, I don’t think it would hey such an attention from the world’s richest man of our time.

Are there Alternatives to Signal Messaging App?

Yes, whatever served as an alternative for WhatsApp would serve same purpose for signal messaging app!

1. Whatsapp

While we can’t shoot WhatsApp away just yet, it remains signal’s number 1 rival unless Mark Zuckerberg decided to throw a big offer to Mr Brian Action once again. Lol.

2. Telegram

Telegram is just another powerful app that is here for us all. It offers privacy and security for your online communication as it is powered with End to end encryption to ensure users communicate without someone else eavesdropping on them Download DStv Mobile App

3. Element

The only ready why you may not want to chose Element is because it has a paid version which means not everyone could afford it but aside thia, element as a social networking app is available iOS, Linux, android and other browsers

4. Threema

Three ma is loved because it offers you end to end encryption and those goes for all your messages. It does not store meta data about who you’re chatting with.
Aside these, the wood offers you pin lock option just to provide some level of security for your private chats
This threema really sounds cool.

5. Viber

Let’s not forget Viber which has actually being around for almost a decade now. Viber offers end to end encryption alongside individual cryptographic key which is only perculiar to your device.
You have the ability to create a list of trusted contacts.
Another reason why Viber may actually be my next option is the feature called “Hidden Chat” which allows you hide chats from the eyes of the public.

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