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All About Signal App

By Jonathan Angie

Because of the recent Privacy change, everyone is suddenly running off to Signal messaging app and giving Whatsapp the long hiss! But let’s really see a few interesting things about this “Signal messaging app” Who Owns Signal Messaging App? Signal was developed in 2018 by Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC. These are non profit…

Facebook 360 Photo Feature – Learn How to Use it

By Jonathan Angie

Today on Electronics Diary, we shall be taking you through the process involved in using facebook 360 photo feature. I just hope you’ll find some 5 minutes to read through as i believe this would help you get more engagements on your facebook world. Mark Zuckerberg and his team of developers are actually doing a…

Nokia Launches Nokia 8 Smartphone today!

By Jonathan Angie

Truth remains that before the advent of smartphones, Nokia was one of the most popular cell makers in the world. Infact, one could say Nokia sold more phones in the world before smartphones surfaced and kicked it off the pitch. Well, we shall be looking at another wonderful device by Nokia and this time, we…