3 Best-paid Spy Apps for Android in 2021

3 Best-paid Spy Apps for Android in 2021

Nowadays, life stops for no one. Everyone’s busy with one thing or another. However, our loved ones always need attention, especially toddlers, tweens, and teens.


To keep an eye on their young ones, most parents use spy apps now. If you’re also looking for a good monitoring tool for your needs, then you’re in luck. Because we are going to discuss the top 3 spy apps available in the market right now.


But before we help you find the best-paid spy app for AndroidOpens in a new tab. phones. Let’s give you an overlook of what a spyware app is in the first place.


What’s a Spyware App?


Generally, spyware is a piece of code that hides within a computer or cell phone to track all its data and operations.


However, spyware apps are phone monitoring tools that allow concerned parents to watch over their kids or lets businesses monitor their staff members through their smartphones.


Reliable spy apps, such as XNSPY and two other apps we are going to talk about later in the article, are usually the ones you have to pay for. Because nothing is really free in the world after all.


So, let’s just jump right into knowing more about not just one best-paid spy app for Android but three!


Top 3 Android Spy Apps 


We will be comparing all three apps based on their pricing, compatibility, spying features, and few other parameters such as customer support and refund policies.


Starting with the more affordable one and then towards the pricier ones:



  1. XNSPY

XNSPYOpens in a new tab. is renowned for being a pioneer in the spy apps industry. Currently, established businesses, budding entrepreneurs, and worried parents use the XNSPY Android monitoring app to keep an eye on their employees or kids. Its customers can be found all over the globe.


Why is it so popular not just in the U.S. but in other countries as well? Let’s find out!


The App’s Pricing


The leading cause for its popularity might just be its low subscription costs. Because with a yearly subscription, you can get the basic version of the XNSPY phone tracking app for just USD 4.99 a month.


However, the spying features you get with this subscription are only limited to eight.


That’s why most people usually go for its Premium subscription package that costs USD 7.49 per month. Given that you get 30+ monitoring features for just under USD 8 monthly, it’s more than a fair offer.


Now, moving on to its:



The XNSPY developers have done their best to make it compatible with all the Android phones currently in rotation. For it claims to be the best-paid spy app for Android not just due to its low-cost packages and unique spying features but high compatibility as well.


XNSPY supports all phones running Android v4.0 till the latest.



XNSPY Features


If we go into the details of all the spying features of this app, then we will not be able to talk about the other apps. So, we are going to highlight only the prominent functions:


  • Phone Call Monitoring:It allows you to track all phone calls on the monitored phone. One can intercept live calls or even record them if they want to listen to them at a later time. Phone call logs are being tracked as well under this function. So you can know what calls were made, missed, or received at which time and date.
  • Reading Text Messages: It’s possiblebecause the XNSPY phone monitoring app keeps track of all text messages as well. You can read them at any time and even find out when they were sent or received through their respective date and time stamp information.
  • Tracking Social Media and Instant Messaging Apps: Two separate functions that monitor major social media and IM apps on the tracked cell phone. The apps you can monitor are Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and a few more.
  • Location Tracking Using GPS: The phone’s location is monitored and the tracking data is updated as long as the device is connected to the internet. When it’s not, the app stores a location history in-app.
  • Watch List Alerts:A unique feature that instantly alerts you about any appearance of a word, location, or contact number, on the monitored cell phone, that you have specified in its respective watch list.
  • Ambient Sound Recording: Usingthis remote function one can access the tracked cellphone’s mic at any time from any place in the world.
  • Screen Recorder: When an IM app is running, the app records or takes snaps of the phone screen after every few minutes.

The XNSPY cell phone tracking app offers many more features. But as they are common with the other apps, we will discuss them when we talk about the other two spy apps fighting to become the best-paid spy app for Android. 


Customer Support: Live customer service available around the clock.


Refund Policy: You will be refunded within 10 days, if you are eligible, starting from the day you subscribe to the service.


Now, next on the list is:


  1. Cocospy

Cocospy is another Android monitoring app targeted for all that you hold dear, may that be your children, business, or both.


The reason why we are discussing this app, now, is that its subscription costs are more than XNSPY’s but they put a lesser of a dent on your pocket when compared to the third app on our list today.


So, without waiting any longer, let’s talk about:


What Does It Cost?


Even though Cocospy is new to the market. It’s still working on its affordability. Because with the normal monthly subscription of its basic app, you get it for USD 39.99 a month, or USD 8.33 per month with the yearly subscription.


Similar to the previous app we discussed, you don’t get access to all its features with the basic package.


While its premium subscription, allowing you full access to its every spying feature for 1 device, costs USD 49.99 monthly or USD 9.99 a month after you get its yearly subscription.


There’s even a third subscription plan—the Family package—that you can obtain for USD 69.99 per month or USD 16.99 monthly with its yearly subscription. However, it can be used with only 3 devices at maximum.


Its Compatibility


After going through its official website, we found out that the Cocospy Android spy app doesn’t require any rooting. However, its compatibly wasn’t discussed in detail.


It can only be said that the monitoring tool will merely work with most of the latest Android phones.


Let’s talk about the Cocospy app’s:


Spying Features


Now, we will only discuss the phone tracking functions in detail that we haven’t explained before with XNSPY. Otherwise, the article will become repetitive and boring. We don’t want that and expect you don’t either.


With this app you get:


  • Call Tracking
  • SMS Tracking
  • Location History
  • Geo-fencing (A function that lets you mark an area on the virtual map to get alerts when the phone enters a specific location.)
  • IM Apps Spy
  • Social Media Apps Spy
  • Tacking Website History (To check most visited and bookmarked websites along with unfettered access to the phone’s browser history.)
  • Track Phone Location (This allows you access to SIM card-related information such as network details, network-based location, IMEI number, and notifications when the SIM is changed.)
  • Keylogger (It records every keystroke on the monitored cell phone.)

As mentioned, we have expanded only on the features that weren’t discussed before. However, let’s remind you that these are common phone spying features that all such apps, including the other two spy apps mentioned in this article, offer.


Customer Support: Technical support only available through email. It can take a day to get a reply.


Refund Policy: You will be refunded within 3 to 5 working days if you are eligible. While you can claim it within the first 60 days of your purchase.


Now, finally, it’s time to go over the last entry on today’s list and that is:


  1. mSpy

The mSpy phone tracker app is just as renowned as the first entry. However, it’s being discussed at the end because its costs more than the two predecessors on our list today. Otherwise, it’s just as worthy to take a shot for the title of the best-paid spy app for android – in 2021. 


So, shall we talk about what’s on your mind?


Is mSpy Costly Because It’s the Best?


Usually, expensive things always provide more benefits to the buyer. However, the same is not the case with the phone tracking app in question. Because it doesn’t offer any new or unique features, which we will go through later, with its higher costing packages.


You can get its premium package with a normal monthly subscription for USD 48.99. While, even with a yearly subscription, it only comes down to USD 11.66 per month.


Considering the previous two entries on today’s list, it definitely costs more for its premium package. At the same time, mSpy offers the same or perhaps even fewer features in comparison to its competitor in the spy apps’ industry.


We’ll talk about it more later, but first, let’s check:


Its Compatibility with Android Phones


The app doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its compatibility. Because mSpy works with all smartphones powered by Android v4.0 and higher.


So, again you can say, like the first entry on our list, it supports mostly all the Android phones currently in operation around the world.


However, some spying features are only compatible with select Android versions starting from Android v7.0 and above.


Now, let’s see what it can do to fulfill your phone monitoring needs!


Features of mSpy


Using the app, you can monitor:


  • Phone Call Logs
  • Sent/Received Text Messages 
  • Social Media Apps
  • Phone’s GPS Location
  • Apps Usage (A feature that allows you to check app usage remotely and even block any app that you want to stop operating on the monitored cell phone.)
  • IM Apps with Screen Recorder 
  • Emails (Enables you to read all the outgoing and incoming emails)
  • Media files (Allows you to view media files such as photos and audio and video clips on a phone)

For your information, all these spying features are available with the XNSPY phone monitoring app as well. While Cocospy, too, offers some of the common functions.


Customer Support: Live call assistance is available if you pay a fee of USD 12.99. Otherwise, support is available through email.


Refund Policy: When the claim’s eligible, a full refund can be obtained. You can request a refund following the 14 days of your purchase.


It’s Up to You to Decide the Winner


All three spy apps can become the best-paid spy app for Android phonesOpens in a new tab.. However, it is obvious which tool should come on top and that is the XNSPY phone monitoring app.


If you do not agree with our pick, we will let you choose your winner after observing the comparison table as follows:


# Spy App Affordability Compatibility Customer Support Refund Policy (if Eligible)
1 XNSPY High High Live (24/7) Within 10 Days
2 Cocospy Medium Medium-Low Email Within 3 to 5 Working Days
3 mSpy Medium-Low Medium Email & Live Within 14 Days




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