GOtv Max and GOtv Jolli Channel Lists Compared

Let’s put an end to this debate once and for all:


Between GOtv Max and GOtv Jolli channel lists, which plan offers a better entertainment experience?


Obviously, the “Max” captures the upper hand –surpassing the Jolli plan with about 10 channels.


Meanwhile, the Jolli subscription comes standard with only 60 channels compared to Max’s 70.


Numbers alone might not do justice to this argument, which is why we will delve into the bundled features and extra benefits of each plan.


We will also touch on the various pricing and affordability to know which plan offers better value for money.


This will enable you to make an informed buyer decision.

So, without wasting much of your time, let’s get over it.

GOtv Max VS GOtv Jolli Channel Lists Comparison

1. GOtv Max VS GOtv Jolli: List Of Total Channel


As said before, GOtv Max has more than 10 channels than Jolli.


GOtv Jolli does not have Star Life ( 23 ), BET ( 21 ), M-Net Movies 4 ( 3 ), TL Novelas ( 13 ), SuperSport LaLiga ( 32),  Discovery ID ( 52 ), ESPN ( 37 ), SuperSport Select 1 ( 33 ), and Cartoon Network ( 67 ). Meanwhile, the GOtv Max has it all.


You can see for yourself.

Channels Gotv Max Package Gotv Jolli Package
Africa Magic Family Yes Yes
Africa Magic Hausa Yes Yes
Africa Magic Yoruba Yes Yes
Africa Magic Igbo Yes Yes
Real Time Yes Yes
TL Novelas Yes No
TeleMundo Yes Yes
Televista Yes Yes
ROK 2 Yes Yes
ROK GH Yes Yes
Novela Magic Yes Yes
BET Yes No
CBS Reality Yes Yes
Star Life Yes No
Zee World Yes Yes
E! Entertainment Yes Yes
TVC Entertainment Yes Yes
Big Brother Naija Yes Yes
WWE No Yes
Discovery Family Yes Yes
Trybe Yes Yes
SuperSport Football Yes Yes
SuperSport LaLiga Yes No
SuperSport Select 1 Yes No
SuperSport Select 2 Yes Yes
MTV Base Yes Yes
HIP TV Yes Yes
Sound City Yes Yes
Sunna TV Yes Yes
NTA International Yes Yes
AIT Yes Yes
Wazobia TV Yes Yes
Galaxy TV Yes Yes
OGTV Yes Yes
Arewa 24 Yes Yes
WAP TV Yes Yes
RSTV Yes Yes
EBS Yes Yes
BCOS Yes Yes
ITV Benin Yes Yes
Liberty TV Yes Yes
Tiwa n Tiwa Yes Yes
R2TV Yes Yes
RAVE Yes Yes
NTA 2 Yes Yes
Emmanuel TV Yes Yes
Dove TV Yes Yes
M-Net Movies 4 Yes No
Africa Magic Epic Yes Yes
TNT Africa Yes Yes
B4U Movies Yes Yes
Spice TV Yes Yes
Nat Geo Wild Yes Yes
Discovery ID Yes No
Al Jazeera Yes Yes
BBC World News Yes Yes
CNN International Yes Yes
Arise News Yes Yes
TVC News Nigeria Yes Yes
NTA News 24 Yes Yes
NTA Parliament Yes Yes
Disney Junior Yes Yes
Jim Jam Yes Yes
Nickelodeon Yes Yes
PBS Kids Yes Yes
Cartoon Network Yes No
Moonbug Kids Yes No
Naija FM Yes Yes
Wazobia FM Yes Yes


The bottom line is:

GOtv Max package satisfies those desiring a comprehensive experience, including documentaries, sports, kids’ shows, music, movie channels, and more.

On the other hand, the GoTV Jolli steps in as a package crafted for customers seeking an option closely resembling the Top Notch Max Package.

It is a downgrade to the Max package, but still offers much value.

2. Pricing And Affordability

Of course, you would expect the GOtv Max package to be pricier since it offers more channels and premium-like features.

However, the plan won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It is quite affordable —priced at #5,700 per month.

GOtv Jolli is more of a cheaper alternative. But you are 10 channels down at #3,950 monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If I Pay My Subscription Late?

If you fail to make your GOtv package payment by the due date, several consequences may follow.

First, your services may be temporarily suspended until the outstanding amount is settled.

Additionally, an administration fee, calculated from the due date until the actual payment date, may be charged.

Nevertheless, you will only be granted access to the No.1 channel which is the GO channel—which teaches you how to effectively go about your decoder’s subscription and installation.

What Happens If I Subscribe to My GOtv Twice?

If you accidentally subscribe to GOtv twice at a spot, the extra payment won’t go just like that.

Instead, it will be credited to your account, serving as a buffer for the subsequent month.

This credit essentially covers your subscription for the following month, stopping you from an additional payment that period.

Why Is My GOtv Not Working After Subscription?

One of the leading causes is a turned-off decoder.

Always ensure your decoder is switched on when you pay to renew your GOtv or DStv subscription.

If it’s off during payment, the auto-reconnection won’t work, and your viewing won’t be reconnected automatically.

Which App Can I Use To Subscribe to My GOtv?

MyGOtv app.

It makes payment much easier. And it is readily available for both Android and iOS devices.

This app empowers you to handle various tasks such as managing your account, changing your package, paying your subscription, resolving error codes, and more.

Alternatively, you can use your bank’s mobile app for the subscription.

Just open your bank’s mobile app, go to the ‘Bills’ section, select cable TV, pick GOtv from the list, choose your package, and confirm the payment to subscribe.

It’s that simple!


So which plan is right for you, considerations based on your viewing preferences and budget?

The thing is they have split their packages to make it convenient for everyone.

As long as you are willing to pay a small amount for GOtv entertainment, there is something special for you.

To crown it all, the difference between the GOtv Max and the Jolli packages is negligible.

If you think the GOtv Max is beyond your budget, then the GoTV Jolli package may just be your best bet.


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