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Get all the information you need to solve your gotv multichoice self service and subscription issues.

Happy Birthday Mrs Nancy Chuks

By Jonathan Angie

Birthdays are sweetest when it’s about a dear friend, a lovely soul, a confidant, a person who always wants you to succeed at all cost.   When it comes to friendships, the most amazing thing is watching your friend grow from one age to the other. A friend us someone who always standby to watch…

GOtv Max and GOtv Jolli channel Lists Compared

By Jonathan Angie

On this post today we will be making it completely easy to know the various channels available on GOtv Max and GOtv Jolli packages and this time, we are creating this for our Nigerian Subscribers and those interested in Gotv packages but do not know what and what channels available. This is a post that…

Where to Buy Gotv Remote

By Jonathan Angie

Having to use a decoder with a faulty remote control is never fun. So if yours has stopped working, here are the places you can buy a Gotv remote quick and easy.

How to Set Gotv Default Start-up Channel

By Jonathan Angie

Hello G0-getters! Knowing how to use all or almost all of the features you have on your electronic device makes it last longer and gives you more value for your money. It’s actually not the best to have a sophisticated device that can do lots of great things but never put them to use because…

What to do if GOtv Remote is not Working

By Jonathan Angie

On electronics today, you will learn how to fix a faulty gotv remote. But it doesn’t just stop with a gotv remote. These skills can be used to fix any other similar remote, a TV remote for example. If your gotv remote is not responding, it does not necessarily mean it is dead or can’t…

How to make Gotv Payment

By Jonathan Angie

  Hi! Hi! Hi! The greeting shouldn’t bother you: it’s just the excitement of reaching you once again on Electronics Diary to help you with your gotv payment issues.   We made a post to show you how to make gotv payments online from the comfort of your home or office but some of the…