Author: Jonathan Angie

Hi Everyone, My name is Angie, i love to watch my TV As it keeps me happy no matter what i go though daily. Most of all, the few things i learnt while working as a DStv Installer has helped me build Electronics Diary. Just Read and Apply for its certainly going to work

DStv Mobile Streaming Service For Nigerians

By Jonathan Angie

If you’re a Nigerian, you’ll agree with the fact that just recently launched the DStv Mobile Streaming service for Nigerians where subscribers are able to watch their favorite tv channels using the DStv mobile App. The sweet thing about the launch is that there won’t be need for decoders, that wire issues and the stress…

Latest Samsung Phones and Prices in Nigeria

By Jonathan Angie

Today on, we want to take a good look at some of Samsung’s most popular and flashy devices released this 2020 and we’re not only reviewing these awesome beauties, we are making it possible for you to have an idea of what it costs to buy one as well. Little wonder the post is…

Facebook 360 Photo Feature – Learn How to Use it

By Jonathan Angie

Today on Electronics Diary, we shall be taking you through the process involved in using facebook 360 photo feature. I just hope you’ll find some 5 minutes to read through as i believe this would help you get more engagements on your facebook world. Mark Zuckerberg and his team of developers are actually doing a…

How to Stream DStv Live Without a Decoder

By Jonathan Angie

Good news, TV lovers! DStv has rolled out a brand new feature that allows you to stream DStv channels even when you do not have a decoder or Dish. Here is how to stream DStv live without a Decoder or satellite dish.   It’s like Netflix now. All you need is a smart device with…

DStv Decoder and Installation Prices in SA

By Jonathan Angie

Are you wondering how much it would cost to get a DStv decoder with installation? If you are in South Africa and need to purchase DStv, I’ll share how much it will cost you to get a dstv and have it installed at your home or business.