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Effects of Augmented Reality on Social Interactions

By Jonathan Angie

So what are the effects of augmented reality on users? For decades now the term Augmented Reality (AR) has been used to describe the technology that allows its users to see and interact with computer-generated content superimposed on a real-world environment. Unlike Virtual Reality where everything you see is artificial, AR allows you to see…

How your TV, Smartphone and Game Console is Killing you Slowly

By Jonathan Angie

The industrial revolution has been a blessing, but technological devices are also killing a good number of people yearly. According to reports from the UK, published by the British Medical Journal, spending too much time sitting or lounging around contributes to the death of about 50,000 people yearly. And today, the main cause of this…

How to Know the Right Type of Audio Cables to Buy for your Sound Project

By Jonathan Angie

(Featured Image by Image by Marvin Ahlers from Pixabay.) DISCLOSURE: This article is made possible by CableTech MEA – Professional supplier of high-quality equipment for broadcast, audio, and video industries. You have stepped out to purchase a new audio cable but still confused about what should be the right cable for your high-ended system. You are not a…

Sound Bars Can Be Expensive. Why Should You Buy One?

By Jonathan Angie

Featured Image Source: A good quality sound bar can cost as much as a television, but in doing so it produces wonderful audio that surpasses anything produced by a TV. Whether you’re watching your favorite movie, the big game, or footage from a concert you went to in your younger days, a good sound…

5 of the Best Gadgets You Can Gift on Any Occasion

By Jonathan Angie

Featured Image Source: Birthday, graduation, anniversary or holiday, gifts have become big parts of all of these. Sure, you can always give something with emotional value, but let’s be honest, what can be a better than a cool gadget? Exactly, which is why you need to take a look at these 5 gadgets you…