How to Become a Facebook Watch Publisher

How to become a facebok watch publisher

Facebook recently launched WatchOpens in a new tab.: a video platform which will be open to its 1.9 billion active users. This is a gold mine for publishers and content creators all over the world.

Let’s say you make videos with a consistent story line or theme on say, “Cooking” of “Mosquito Traps,” you can create a Facebook Show page and deliver interesting shows (on what you know how to do best) to the loyal audience on your Show Page.
What’s more, you can monetize your shows and make money through Ad Breaks.

So before we learn how to register and actually become a Facebook Watch publisher, let’s learn the Key features of the Facebook Watch platform.
Show Page
On Watch, a show page is a page where creators make – create – Facebook shows and upload new episodes. A show page makes it easy for publishers to create shows and interact with viewers. 
As a publisher, you have to organise your show page to make it easy for your viewers – followers – to understand.
On your show page, users will be able to watch episodes you upload; they will see related videos and will be connect with the community formed.
A show is a series of videos having a common theme or story line. A show could also be seen as a set of videos having a recurring character.
Ad Breaks
On YouTube, we often find ads in videos we watch. Sometimes advertisers don’t even have to create content on YouTube or own a YouTube channel.
Facebook Watch will also have its own AdOpens in a new tab.Breaks where sponsored products will be shown to viewers and Show Pages followers.
And just like YouTube, content creators or show owners will be able to make money displaying ads on their shows.
Watch will also allow publishers to boost contents. Just like we do on a Facebook page, you can actually pay for your videos to be shown to thousands of people who are not your followers. 
And let’s not forget, Facebook currently has 1.9 billion active users and you will be able to reach thousands or even millions of users from all over the planet. 
And from getting them to watch your sponsored videos, you will be advertising your brand and you can also get them to join your Show page on Watch.
Required Information
To get a show on Facebook Watch, you will have to give Facebook the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Email
  3. Facebook Profile URL
  4. Facebook Page URL
  5. Country
  6. Proposed Show Page Name
  7. Proposed Show Page Description
  8. Show Description

To register, visit the Watch Registration Page, supply the required information and click on send.
You will get a pop-up telling you that you registration has been sent.
If you have any issues with registration, post a comment and we will hit you back ASAP.

For now, Facebook says watch will only be available to a select few in the United States but you can submit an application from anywhere in the world and Facebook will send you when the feature becomes accessible to you or to publishers in your region.
We will also be bringing you updates on Facebook watch. I think it’s time to start building on this new platform.
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