How to Pay for DStv Using your Smartphone

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There several ways to pay for DStv. But using your smartphone to make payments is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to do it.

In this payment guide, I will be sharing with you, step by step, three smart ways to make your DStv subscriptions and upgrades using your phone. Let’s get going.

Making Dstv payment on a smartphone

Here is a glance at the smartest ways to pay for DStv on a smartphone. Feel free pick the most convenient method.

  • DStv Portal
  • Quickteller
  • Quick Banking

How to Pay using the DStv Portal

An easy way to subscribe to DStvOpens in a new tab. is to do it on the DStv portal.

Follow the steps below to make a payment on the DStv Portal:

  1. Visit the DStv portalOpens in a new tab. or click on the link: www.dstvafrica.comOpens in a new tab.
  2. Look for the option labelled “Pay” and click on it
  3. Select Pay now
  4. Enter your Smart card number and your surname (if needed) and select Log In
  5. Once Logged in, choose Pay Now
  6. Enter the amount you wish to pay and make payment

If using the DStv portal seems complicated, please contact an agent or use some other payment method below

How to Pay for DStv using Quickteller

Quickteller is a very safe and popular payment gateway in Africa. This is a payment method used in ATMs for funds transfer, bills payment, and airtime top-ups. You can access the Quickteller portal from your smartphone for DStv payments.

Here is how to pay for DStv on a smartphone using the Quickteller payment gateway:

  1. Visit in a new tab.
  2. Enter your Mobile Number and your DStv Smart Card Number.
  3. Choose a package or combination of features you wish to pay for
  4. Select Continue
  5. Confirm your details and click on Pay. An SMS with a unique OTP will be sent to you.
  6. Enter the OTP sent to your phone or email and make payment.

Leave you DStv on while paying for the live upgrade and channel updates.

Note this: auto-generated secure codes (like one-time passwords also called OTPsOpens in a new tab.) are used by banks and payment gateways to confirm that a payment is sent by the owner of the device. Never share your auto-generated secure code or number with someone over the phone.

Know that anyone who has your phone number or email can initiate a transaction on your behalf, then call you to share a code sent to you. Please do not share the code. Go to the bank or call them for confirmation.

But the fact is: your bank will never ask you for sensitive information over the phone so, do not share it. If you do, kiss the money in your account. Now let us look at the third way to subscribe online.

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Quick banking USSD

If you have registered for USSD banking with your local bank, chances are they have a bills payment option. Under that category, you are likely going to find DStv as one of the options – most likely under Cable TV.

  1. This is how to pay for DStv using USSD quick banking.
  2. Dial your Quick Banking USSD Code
  3. Select Quick Banking or proceed directly to Pay Bills if available
  4. Under Pay Bills, select Cable TV
  5. Choose DStv Subscription
  6. Enter your Smart Card number
  7. Select the Package or combination of features you wish to pay for
  8. Enter your PIN if applicable and make payment

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What to do while paying for DStv online

Ensure your decoder is turned on. When you make a payment, the DStv portal receives it and immediately begins to send instructions to your decoder.

According to DStv, leaving your decoder on while making the payment will allow it to receive upgrade instructions and channel updates. Try to keep your decoder turned on or call someone at home to turn it on for you.

If for some reason you did not get an upgrade after paying, initiate a manual upgrade or contact a DStv agent.

Things to know about online portals and online payment

Are you done reconnecting your DStv online? Quick and easy, right? That is the beauty of the digital era.

But just like the brick and mortar industry, where tangible items are protected by gates, doors, and security personnel, the digital space also has its kind of items and security.

The most precious items in the digital space can be collectively called data, and this is protected most times by passwords. Data can be your personal information, company information, or any other form of information.

Just like in the real world, your data has to be protected, and you have a role to play.

Recently I sent out an email newsletter to my subscribers about the security of their information on the DStv portal. The newsletter was sent to inform them about a vulnerable opening I found on DStv and how they can protect themselves.

So if you have not signed up for the newsletter please do so at www.electronicsdiary.comOpens in a new tab..

There are a few things you must know about having your information online. Don’t be scared. The online space is as secure as it can be. You just don’t have to be careless about it.

Even in the real world, nobody leaves the door open and expect not to get spoiled.

Here are a few tips you must know to keep your online payment systems secure.

Don’t be careless but be smart. When entering your pin or password for online purchases, be sure no one is quietly watching.

You should never share your authentication code. Many have lost money after sharing an authentication code online. Your authentication is a secure code sent by your bank or a payment gateway to your mobile number or email address to confirm that you initiated a transaction.

Sometimes a fraudster who happens to know your email or phone number can initiate a payment on your behalf, then call to ask for the secure code sent to your phone. Please do not share it. If you do, start waving goodbye to your money once you end the call.

Your bank will never ask for sensitive information over the phone.

Paying online can save time and keep you from messing up your schedule just to make a payment for DStv. Sometimes you are unable to go out because it’s raining cats and dogs. Other times it’s Sunday afternoon and all the shops are closed.

Now that you can make payments with your phone, reconnections and upgrades will no longer be a problem. The next time your payment is due, pull out your smartphone and upgrade like a pro.

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