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How to Make Calls from Windows 10 Using an Android Phone

By Jonathan Angie

In today’s concise guide, you will learn how to make calls from Windows 10 using an Android Phone. Windows analyzers got the functionality last October, however, now everybody is getting it. Giving people the capacity to make phone calls with their Android handset. Getting your phone to accept a call while you are dealing with…

Latest Samsung Phones and Prices in Nigeria

By Jonathan Angie

Today on Kostville.com, we want to take a good look at some of Samsung’s most popular and flashy devices released this 2020 and we’re not only reviewing these awesome beauties, we are making it possible for you to have an idea of what it costs to buy one as well. Little wonder the post is…

Nokia Launches Nokia 8 Smartphone today!

By Jonathan Angie

Truth remains that before the advent of smartphones, Nokia was one of the most popular cell makers in the world. Infact, one could say Nokia sold more phones in the world before smartphones surfaced and kicked it off the pitch. Well, we shall be looking at another wonderful device by Nokia and this time, we…