How to Make Calls from Windows 10 Using an Android Phone

how to make calls from Windows 10 using an Android Phone

In today’s concise guide, you will learn how to make calls from Windows 10 using an Android Phone. Windows analyzers got the functionality last October, however, now everybody is getting it. Giving people the capacity to make phone calls with their Android handset.

Getting your phone to accept a call while you are dealing with your PC can be incredibly bothersome. Because of Microsoft’s Your Phone application, you would now be able to make a call straightforwardly on your Windows 10 PC.

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At first, the application was launched with a few savvy accessibility highlights, for example, letting users oversee pictures and send messages from their phones to their PC. With the Calls option, you would now be able to make calls on Windows 10 using your Android phone.

So, it’s a helpful expansion, and it goes ahead top of a huge load of work that Microsoft has been doing of late to the Your Phone application. That incorporates changing your PC’s touchscreen into a giant computerized art pad for your phone. In addition, there’s possibly a nifty content transfer feature in the pipeline, to take into consideration the simple moving of documents among PC and cell phone.


Here are the things needed on your devices before you will be able to make calls using the Your Phone App:

  • Requires least Windows 10 form 18362.356.
  • Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth radio option.
  • Android Phones 7.0 or higher.
  • Requires 19H1build or fresher.
  •  Your Phone app (on your phone).
  • Your Phone Companion app(on your PC).

NOTE: This update is in effect continuously rolled out on PCs that are 19H1 forms or more current. It might require a couple of days to be accessible on your version of the Your Phone app.

How to Make Calls from Windows 10 Using an Android Phone

  • To begin with, you need to download the Your Phone application on your PC from the Microsoft Store and on your Android gadget from the Play Store.
  • Next, complete the setup by signing into your Microsoft account and connecting your PC and Android phone. Latest Samsung Phones 2021
    • During the setup process of the Your Phone Companion application on your Android device, there are a couple of authorizations you need to concede for the call feature.
    • To begin with, tap “Allow” to concede the application authorization to manage phone calls.

allow phone calls permission

  • Furthermore, ensure you give the app access to your contacts so you can get to them on your PC.

allow contacts permission

  • After the setup, go to the “Calls” tab and then tap the “Get Started” button.

click get started from the calls tab

  • At this point, you will get a spring up containing a Bluetooth PIN.

bluetooth code on PC

  • You will also get a similar PIN on your Android phone. Ensure the codes match and afterward click “Yes” on your PC and tap “Pair” on your Android phone.

Bluetooth code on Android.

  • After that, you can start making calls right away. However, you’ll simply have the option to dial numbers. To show your call log, you need to concede authorization on your phone; click “Send Permission” to continue.

click send permission

  • Now hit the “Allow” button. If you did not see the option, you can manually grant permission through your device settings.

allow call log access

  • In this way, all your recent calls will presently appear in the Your Phone app on Windows 10. To make a call from your PC, you can select a recent call and click the phone icon, search for contacts, or use the dial pad.


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In today’s concise guide, you have learned how to make calls from Windows 10 using an Android Phone. As you can see, there is no third-party service required. Are you confused with the tutorial? use the comment box to drop your questions. Cheers.


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