VR Simulation Game Lets You Spacewalk From an Armchair in Your Room

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DStvOpens in a new tab. has been showing a lot of space-related movies lately. The day before it was Avatar and yesterday it was Arrival. We are getting used to seeing these guys fly out of the earth into space – where there is no force of gravity to hold you down.

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Image Credit: Opaque Space Media

Sometimes you imagine yourself wearing one of those space suits and really walking in space. Put on your space suits now. With the new VR game released by Opaque Space, your daydreams will become a reality.

Actually, you won’t be able to take ‘all of you’ into space. It’s a virtual reality simulation game so ‘some of you’ will be in space – in the software – while the real part of you sits in an armchair moving aimlessly like some psycho.

Well, that’s how you may look while you’re on a VR headset.

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All you need is a HTC ViveOpens in a new tab. then you can download the gameOpens in a new tab. and start playing right away. “To Infinity and beyond!”

Video by Opaque Space Media

The name of the game is Earthlight and it was created by Opaque Space – a virtual reality studio.

If you want to know what people think about the game, you will find reviews on the Viveport website.

But I know some of us just can’t wait to get the spacewalk experience. So asking you to read the reviews first is just a waste of time.

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Image Credit: Opaque Space Media

But if you can’t visit space with Earthlight VR Space simulation game, you could still make do with amazing VR games from PlayStation and other companies.

VR has come to stay. Apart from gaming, there are still a lot of places you could be and things you can do once you put on that a VR headset.

Some amazing things you can do on Virtual Reality:

  • Fly planes
  • Watch Movies
  • Spacewalking
  • Fly without wings
  • Shoot Guns
  • Extreme Sky diving
  • Live in a house before it’s built

But whatever happens, try not to kill yourself. Whether it’s fake or real, dying is never fun.

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