3 Latest Gadgets that are Changing The World

Our world is changing at an incredible rate thanks to the new frontiers of technology. New innovations and gadgets are flung before us almost every second. 

From robots that can pretty much do anythingOpens in a new tab., to virtual realityOpens in a new tab. and Artificial Intelligence, technology is increasing at whip-lash inducing speed. 

In this modern era, every tech company is angling to dish out a gadget that will fascinate and take the world by storm. Every inventionOpens in a new tab. stakes the claim to be the “best thing since slice bread.” While some flatter to deceive, others really do deliver the goods. 

Here are three recent gadgets that have captivated us and are changing our lives for the better.

1.  eSight

Girl using eight to see
Source: eSight

To a person who’s blind, anything that can help them see clearer even if it’s just a little bit, is a miracle. And that’s what eSight is. 

Time Magazine called it “One of the best InventionsOpens in a new tab. of 2017,” and rightly so. eSight is a company focused on helping legally blind people see.

To help the blind see, the company produces a set of clinically-validated glasses, a wearable technology backed by a decade of research that helps otherwise blind people become independent, mobile and to perform daily activities normally. The glasses, beautifully engineered fit over the eye like a headset.

The Toronto-based company was setup in 2006 by a Canadian engineer called Conrad Lewis who sought to help his two legally blind sisters see. 

If you know anyone legally blind or with vision loss, don’t hesitate in recommending eSight.

2. Customizable Soft Robot Sleeve


Customizable soft robot sleeve
Source: Harvard University

According to research by Harvard University, heart failure affects 41 million people worldwide. In view of that statistic, Harvard University joined with Boston Children’s Hospital researchers to produce a soft robotic sleeve that helps reduce death by heart failure.

This soft robot sleeve fits around the heart and helps it beat by pumping blood, if the heart fails. Unlike most of the gadgets available today, this sleeve does not come in contact with blood and is considered a more effective option.

The incredible thing about this device is that it can be tuned and customized for every patient based on their peculiar needs. The device is gaining grounds in the medical field and should soon be a common feature in hospitals around the world.

3. Woebot – The Chatbox that is improving Mental Health


Woebot chatbot tech gadget
Source: Woebot

Woebot is a unique chatbox that employs artificial intelligence to help people become happier. The copy on the Woebot website tells it all: Woebot – Your charming robot friend who is ready to listen, 24/7.

Woebot uses a mesh of natural language processing, psychology, writing expertise laden with a sense of humor to create a therapeutic experience. The chatbox focuses on young adults and those in college or graduate school.

Stanford University recently conducted a study where it concluded that Woebot “led to significant reductions in anxiety and depression among people aged 18-28 years old.” 
While Woebot is great, it’s not a replacement for human connection, it’s only an addition.

Woebot is available on Facebook Messenger, IPhone and IPads. The Woebot team is currently working to make it available for Android user. Currently it is only available in English but new languages are due to be added.

There are plethora of new and exciting gadgets in the world we live in today. It’s a good thing to take advantage of them to help simplify your life.

Written by Wisdom Sablah

Sablah profile
W. Sablah

Wisdom Sablah is a freelance writer, content strategist and entrepreneur. He currently serves as the content manager for Emerge Concepts.

Check out his writer website at bespokewritings.comOpens in a new tab.. Reach out to him at [email protected]


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