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Ever wondered if you can watch your favourite DStv channels and shows on your media players and smart deices? Well the answer is yes! This article will show you how to connect your DStv experience to your smart TVs and players.

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Why Connect DStv to Media Players and Smart Devices

You must be using the DStv now application already or must have heard of it. The reason behind applications such as the DStv Now app is just so you can be able to make use of your DStv subscription anytime, anywhere (even if you decide to do so in the bathroom) whenever you need to, and of course, on multiple devices.

Apart from the convenience, this can give you, it could also give you privacy whenever you need it. Like it or not there will always be that time where you want to see a certain movie or TV programme alone so you can get all the details (without any distractions).

And because you can make use of DStv anywhere, this actually reduces waste by helping you make use of what you pay for. When you subscribe but are not able to watch because you don’t want to carry your TV set wherever you go, it becomes a waste.

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But now with media players, Smart TVs and smartphones, making use of the DStv Now app, you can now carry your DStv wherever you go. If it’s an apartment by the side, you can install a smart TV or make use of your tablet.

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Whether it’s you at the office, school, bar or even the bathroom – not a good practice though – you won’t have to miss a thing.

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How to watch DStv on Media Players and Smart TVs

Apart from the fact that your smart TV can talk, all TV sets can talk, it should be able to connect to the internet. So that’s where we’ll start from:

  • Connect your smart TV to the internet via an Ethernet cable or WiFi;
  • Access the app store on the device and search for “DStv Now.” If it’s available, install it;
  • Once installed, a code will be displayed and you will need to link your DStv account to continue;
  • Sign in to DStv at now.dstv.com/tv using a tablet or laptop;
  • Enter the code displayed on the smart TV or media player, sign in to start watching.

Now you would agree that missing your favourite shows just got more difficult.

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