DStv Decoder and Installation Prices in SA

Dstv decoder and remote

Are you wondering how much it would cost to get a DStv decoder with installation? If you are in South Africa here are the DStv decoder prices and installation free for your home or businessOpens in a new tab..

DStv offers several versions of decoders. These decoders are classified based on the features they come with: features such as picture quality, streaming, storage capabilities, and more.

Firstly, you need to decide on the type of decoder you need.

Secondly, you will have to choose a bouquet or package. Different bouquets offer a selection of channels as specified by DStv at the time. They are also priced according to the number of channels they have. So a bouquet with a lesser number of channels will come at a lower price.

What you are choosing is a DStv decoder and a bouquet with a selection of channels you would like to watch. So what kind of decoder would you like and which selection of channels do you prefer?

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Once you choose a decoder, you can then pick any kind of bouquet or package to go with it. You are not tied to a specific kind of package. Simply choose a decoder and then find the package the matches your taste.

Here we will list the DStvOpens in a new tab. Decoders and their prices. You can purchase your Dstv with or without installation services. Here are the DStv decoder prices with and without installation services.

If you need to choose a bouquet, follow the link to see all available bouquets and the channels list for each: DStv South Africa ChannelsOpens in a new tab..

DStv Decoders and Prices

DStv Explora Ultra

Pricing including Dish and Installation: R3699
Pricing without Dish and Installation: R2499

DStv Explora Ultra features:

  • A9 Remote Control
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Streaming Apps
  • up to 110 hours of recording
  • Box Office Movies
  • DStv Catch up
  • Netflix StreamingOpens in a new tab.
  • Pause live TV
  • XtraView
  • HD, 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos capabilities
  • Replays, Fast Forwards, Rewinds and Slowmotion

DStv Explora

Pricing including Dish and Installation: R1999
Pricing without Dish and Installation: R999

DStv Explora Features:

  • A7 Remote Control
  • Pause live TV for up to 2 hours
  • up to 110 hours of recording
  • Box Office Movies
  • DStv Catch up
  • HD and Dolby Digital 2.0 capabilities
  • 1-Year Warranty

DStv HD Single View

Pricing including Dish and Installation: R699
Pricing without Dish and Installation: R499

DStv HD Single View features:

  • B7 Remote Control
  • Pause live Tv for up to 2 hours
  • 8-day TV guide
  • XtraView
  • Interactive Apps
  • HD and Dolby Digital 5.1 capabilities
  • 1-Year Warranty

Now that you know what DStv decoder to buy, you will have to get a package to go with it. This package or bouquet will contain the channels you want. Choosing a package will depend on your taste.

I have put together all the DStv packages and the channels list for you. Please follow the link to view them: DStv packages and channels listOpens in a new tab..

Finding an accredited Installer

Please watch the video below to learn how to locate an installer near you. If you can’t view the video, please see the article on how to locate an accredited DStv dealer or agent near youOpens in a new tab..

Internet and Streaming

With the Explora Ultra and Explora, you can connect your decoder to the internet for streaming. However, a minimum of 2Mbps connection speed is required for streamingOpens in a new tab. in SD (that is, standard definition); 4Mbps for streaming in HD (that is, High Definition); and 10Mbps connection speed for 4K streaming.


If you need DStv XtraView, you can connect up to 2 decoders to your DStv Explora decoder and one decoder to your DStv HD Single View decoder.

Do I get Insurance?

No. Whether you purchase DStv with installation or not, insurance is not included in the purchase. But if you need to get your devices insured, it will cost you something extra. You can get insurance for your devices at R49 per month for DStv Explora Ultra; R35 per month for Dstv Explora; and R20 per month for DStv HD Single View.

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