10 Things You Can Do With An Old Smartphone

Things you could do with an old smartphone

Most of us have old smartphones lying around and taking up space for no reason. Maybe you are about to purchase a new one and you’re wondering what you can do with the old device. Here are 10  things you can do with an old smartphone.

There are a ton of things you can do with an old smartphone, and selling may not even be the best option. You can either sell it, give it out, use it as a backup device, or do a bit of work to turn it into a nice tech device for your home. However, knowing which option to pick can be a challenge.

Selling or giving out an old phone will always seem like the best option until other good ones are presented. Here are the top ten things you can do with an old smartphone.

Ten Things you can do with an old Smartphone

In this section, we shall be looking at ten different things you can do with an old smartphone!

1.) Alarm clock and Touch

Not sure which part of the world you live in, but most people in developing countries have gotten used to the idea of using a phone as a touch. This is extra work a smartphone should not do. It drains the battery and offers it an unnecessary workload. If you have an old smartphone, you can simply be using that as a touch.

Using an old smartphone as an Alarm Device is quite easy. This is why we listed it as the first on this page!

You can also use it as a dedicated alarm clock. Go to your app store and download a dedicated alarm app. Apps like the Voice Snooze alarm will allow you to snooze your alarm with your voice if you are not ready to wake up.

Therefore, one of the best ways to make better use of an old smartphone is to convert it into an Alarm Clock.

2.) A learning tool for kids

There are a ton of learning apps available for kids on all app stores. But you wouldn’t want to use your new high-end smartphone as a learning tool for kids. You can do that with an old phone. Instead of getting rid of it, you can make it a learning tool for kids.

You can save educational videos on lectures and quizzes; download applications for puzzles, quizzes, and memory exercises. Some apps contain tasks that help increase a child’s cognitive abilityOpens in a new tab.. Apps that help with spaced repetitions techniques for example can improve the memory of your children. Get them on the old smartphone for use by the kids.

3.) Security Camera

One of the amazing things you could do with an old smartphone is to convert it to a security camera.

It’s simple. All you need to do is to mount a security cam and connect it to your new smartphone. With that, you can monitor your environment anytime you want.

Some of us live in really big and scary houses and there is no way of monitoring the entire space all by yourself. Use your old smartphone. Download a security cam application and sync it with your new device. Examples of such apps are Alfred and IP WebCam.

Mount the old phone wherever you want to monitor and find a way to power it. Connect a switch to the charger so you can turn it off anytime you want. Now you have a new security system set up for your use.

4.) DStv Remote

If your old smartphone has an Infra-Red (IR) blaster, you can use it as a DStv remoteOpens in a new tab.. One way to know this is to google the specs of the smartphone or simply ask Google if that model has an IR blaster. If the answer is yes, then you can use it as a DStv remote.

You could use your new phone but it may be inconvenient at times. You don’t want to unplug your new device while charging it just to change channels. Your old thing will do just fine there. If you are having DStv remote issuesOpens in a new tab. and you need to use the Dstv remote appOpens in a new tab., simply turn to your retired comrade and make it useful.

5.) Smart home remote

Most devices at home now have remotes. Everything from door blinds to ovens to speakers. No kidding here. Most of those are going to be linked to your smartphone. It’s a good idea to sync all your smart home devices to your old smartphone. Give your new phone some breathing space. Sync all your smart home toys – Roku, Pay TV, Android TV, Doorbell, Security cam, Door blind, smart speakers – to your old device.

6.) A recreational device

Cooling off is part of a good life and an old smartphone can be a good companion. Whether you are playing games, watching videos, or streaming movies on a weekend, using the old device would be a great option. You can save your high-quality movies and games on it. Some games are heavy and put a lot of strain on a phone. Why stress the new device when there is an old one lying around doing nothing?

Put the games and the movies on it. Netflix, DStv, Call of Duty, FIFA football, whatever; connect it to a wireless speakerOpens in a new tab. and have a blast.

So, one of the amazing things you can do with an old smartphone is to use it as a recreational Device!

7.) Video Monitoring System for Babies

A few years back pampers came up with a video monitoring systemOpens in a new tab. for babies. It comes with a camera and a sensor in the diaper. It sends a notification to the parents when the baby is awake and also when the diapers get wet. Interesting, right?

But You can make your own mini video monitoring system for your baby using your old smartphone.

Mothers get so busy and watching the baby all the time even while sleeping is never an easy task. Your old smartphone can help you out.

Simply download a monitoring app such as Dormi. If you are not using Dormi, any security cam app for smartphones can serve as a substitute. Sync the old phone with the new one. Find a way to attach the old where the baby will stay or sleep: a few pieces of plastic, some duct tape, and adhesive may be all you need. Once your new system is all set, you can use it to monitor your baby from anywhere in the house.

8.) Give it out

It’s not a good idea to think about yourself all the time. Sometimes putting a smile on someone’s face is just what you need to do to get a great feeling. Find someone and give out your old phone. It may be useless to you but it could be the one thing someone needs to make her life easier. You don’t always have to donate it to an individual. You could convert your phone to cash and use the money to support a course or community.

9.) Sell it

Not still sure what to do with the phone. Just sell it out. The money you make from it can help defray the cost of the new phone. Selling is easy these days.

If no neighbour of yours wants to buy the phone, you can still sell it. Find a phone repairer. There are a thousand and one uses for old smartphones. Nokia Releases Another amazing device

If you can’t sell it that way, list it on an online store. You’ll find someone there who is willing to pay for the phone.

10.) For Mother Earth’s Sake Hang on to it

Most times we purchase new devices just to keep up with trends. Then we leave the old one around or dispose of it the wrong way. Living like this has adverse effects on our planet.

If your old device is still doing well, there is no point in buying a new one simply because it’s new. Industrial processes used in the production of these devices cause a lot of damage to the environment.

The wrong disposal is also damaging. So if there is no pressing need for a new device, it’s always a good idea to hang on to the old one.

Rather than looking for how to subject that wonderful device you once cherished to an object of mediocrity, why not hang on to it? I mean, aside from selling or giving out to those that really have the need for a smartphone but cannot afford any, why not just keep using it?

Do not forget to be content with what you have as this is one way to avoid unnecessary expenses!

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