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How to find accredited DStv Dealers and Installers near You

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Knowing where to buy durable Multichoice items is about knowing where to find accredited dealers.

Finding accredited Multichoice dealers for purchase and installation of DStv items is easy.

Accredited agents manage Dstv stores and they can be helpful in many ways. Apart from purchases and installations, they can help you with repairs and clearing of error codes.

Here are two simple ideas you could employ to find the nearest DStv dealers and installers in your neigbourhood.


1. Make Use of Yellow Pages

Yellow pages may not be helpful if the book is not up to date. This may happen because the book is too old or, you live in a place where people are comfortable selling incomplete directories.

But it can help you if you are not able to go online to search for accredited agents. So grab your yellow pages and see what you can find.

But if this method does not work for you, try the second method.

2. Use the DStv Agents’ Search Engine

Using DStv’s search engine is the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to find a DStv office near you. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of the instructions under it.

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3. Ask Around

Have you noticed how easy it is for people to try to find answers to problems online when they could just talk to someone and get answers in no time at no cost to them?

You can ask a friend who owns a DStv to direct you to DStv offices. Cab drivers are also a good source of information when you need to locate a place.

Talk to someone. You may find it to be the easiest way to locate the nearest DStv Dealers and Installers.

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