How to Add Netflix to DStv in 3 Steps

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If you are a DStv subscriber, here is how to add Netflix to your decoder to start enjoying movies and TV shows on your DStv.

It’s no longer news that DStv signed a partnership with Netflix to allow their subscribers to stream movies straight from Netflix on their DStv Decoders. Here is how to activate the feature.

How to Add Netflix to your DStv Decoder

  1. Select APPS on your RemoteOpens in a new tab.
  2. Select Netflix
  3. Sign up/Sign in

Not sure whether to Sign up or Sign in? Here is how it works.

If you already have a Netflix account ( that is, you have already signed up for Netflix on your laptop or smartphone), then choose sign in.

On the other hand, if you have never had a Netflix account or you are unable to get your password, use sign up. And if you have an expired Netflix account, use Join Now with your login and password to continue.

Please understand that the Netflix charges are separate from your DStv subscription charges. Your Netflix payment will be added to your monthly subscription on Dstv once you connect your Netflix account.

This way, you won’t have to add another payment method for Netflix. Everything will be done right from your DStv.

If you already have an active subscription on Netflix, simply sign in and continue with it on your DStv.

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The only drawback is that this feature is yet to be made available to all Dstv Subscribers. As of the time of writing, users of Explora Ultra can use Netflix on their accounts.

If you would like to get Explora Ultra, please see the article on Decoder and Installation pricesOpens in a new tab..

Why is it not available to everyone?

The deal between Dstv and Netflix was announced in June. I think Dstv is still in the process of rolling out the feature to all Dstv customers.

Nevertheless, I don’t believe subscribers with low-grade decoders will have access to the streaming apps. Sooner or later Netflix will be available on other Dstv decoders and it would be a good thing to upgrade to a high-end decoder to be able to use Netflix.

This is a good deal for DstvOpens in a new tab. as movie-loving subscribers have often voiced out their dissatisfaction over the lack of new movies and TV shows on DStv.

But you still have to understand that having the ability to see new movies and TV shows, from Netflix will also add to the monthly subscription fee.

The good thing about this new addition is that you do not have to grab a laptop or smartphone every time you need to access Netflix.

You can now see your favourite movies, TV shows, sports, and more on your DStv.


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